Fire Broke Out At Block 886B, Woodlands Drive 50 On 22 Sept

A fire broke out at a Woodlands HDB flat last Friday (22 Sept), at about 7pm, but that was just the start of the drama. The fire was put out quickly enough, but there were still 4 cats stuck in the charred unit at Block 886B, Woodlands Drive 50.

Upon hearing the news, a firefighter from Woodlands Fire Station quickly grabbed a breathing apparatus set from his colleague, and went back in to save the pets. Never mind that he looked utterly exhausted, or that the fire was already technically put out — there were more lives that needed to be saved.

After saving the felines, firefighters performed CPR on the animals.

To Officer Sharil Nizam, Officer Fazlin, Yishun Fire Station Rota 3 and Woodlands Fire StationOn behalf of Blk 886B…

Posted by Zul Monsor on Sunday, September 24, 2017

However, despite the fireman’s best efforts, two cats died from smoke inhalation. The other two cats survived, and were sent to the vet.


Neighbours appeal for donations

Although the fire was put out, the unit is no longer habitable, and most of the family’s belongings were destroyed.

And friends and neighbours of the affected family have put up posts calling for donations, either via bank transfer, or in person into a tin that is left outside the flat located on the 6th floor.

If you’re interested in helping out the family, here’s the bank accounts to make transfers to:

Shah Rizal Posb Savings 057-43081-8
Haryati UOB Savings 382-385-680-4

We here at MustShareNews would like to thank the firefighters of Woodlands Fire Station for their brave actions.

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