British Inventor Takes To The Singapore Sky In Flying Suit

Move over Robert Downey Jr, there’s a new Iron Man in town.

Real-life Tony Stark, British inventor Richard Browning, took flight on the Empress Lawn outside Victoria Theatre on Tuesday (Aug 1) when he demonstrated his flying suit to a crowd of 600 spectators.

Check out what happened here:

Okay so maybe he didn’t really take to the skies, but Mr Browning says the suit can totally do so.

Speaking of cool suits we’ll never own.

Daedalus Flight Suit

Aptly named after the father of Icarus in Greek mythology, the jet-engine suit was the result of relentless exploration, testing and countless failures.

Did we also mention that he created the Daedalus in just 10 months? Some of us can’t even pass our O Levels in that time.

The Avengers can eat my dust. Literally.


In an interview with Red Bull, he also said the suit is capable of flying at several hundred miles per hour, and at thousands of feet.

More importantly, the former royal Marine created it as he desperately wanted the answer to the question: “What is it like to fly in a real-life Iron Man suit?”

I mean, that’s pretty impressive and all. But did he build his suit in a cave?


Apparently, childhood dreams are just ideas waiting to happen for Mr Browning.

Gravity Industries


To achieve his dream of re-imagining the entire concept of human flight, Mr Browning founded Gravity Industries in March 2017 to produce technology for human propulsion.

He also pretty much pioneered a new category in aviation history, but creating exoskeletons sounds way cooler.


Because nothing screams “Eureka!” like mounting 6 miniature jet engines to your arms and back.

Making The Impossible A Reality

Mr Browning was in Singapore to give a talk at a private event — so he just decided to show off his flying suit, we guess.

He told Channel NewsAsia that he hopes for people to be inspired by his invention to achieve the impossible:

If you’ve got an ambition of something (sic), start on the same day to make progress immediately.

When asked about his plans for the suit, Mr Browning stated that he is currently working on adding wings to the suit to unlock its full altitude potential.

Well, as long as he uses it for good, not evil.

Does anyone have Tom Holland’s number?


Now, we can just hope that something like this will be available to the public at an affordable price, so we can kiss MRT breakdowns and ERP gantries goodbye.

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