Looks like the AHPETC saga isn’t coming to an end anytime soon

The potshots just keep coming for Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council (AHPETC).

After the Ministry of National Development (MND) accused FM Solutions and Services (FMSS) of overcharging AHPETC for services rendered, FMSS themselves are demanding $3.5 million from the beleaguered town council.

According to The New Paper, the former managing agent sent in letter of demand via their lawyers Netto and Magin. The letter was dated 20 July.

In the document, FMSS claims AHPETC did not pay for services rendered between Apr and July 14, and offers 7 days for the full amount of $3,520,722.15 to be paid.

“There will not be any litigation concerning this case” — Sylvia Lim

While unveiling the last of Workers’ Party (WP) new candidates on Monday (31 Aug), AHPETC Immediate Past-Chairman Sylvia Lim revealed that both FMSS and AHPETC have been in talks, and the disputes will be settled with mediation.


Ms Lim also refused to speak about the amount owed, saying that the mediation process is private.

She also had some words for MND and their use of “gross profiteering” to describe FMSS’ actions.

Note Png Eng Huat’s resigned point and wry smile as the question was asked.

How will AHPETC affect the way voters think?

The continued spotlight on AHPETC is, to be honest, getting a little old.

The Auditor-General’s report on AHPETC was first released on 9 Feb, and since then, WP has had to face repeated questions for no less than 6 months. The timing of MND’s letter also seems rather convenient, given our proximity to the General Elections.

While the PAP (and MND)’s stance suggest that they believe FMSS and WP have been in cahoots all along, the managing agent’s latest action seems to prove otherwise.

Sylvia and the rest of WP have surely got to be sick of the repeated surfacing of this matter. But what about the residents? Are they experiencing fatigue as well?

We’ll find out come 11 Sept, when voters speak at the ballot box.

With references from The New Paper, Channel NewsAsia
Featured Image via Workers’ Party Facebook