Foreign Worker Finds Lost Wallet After Call For Help Receives 16,000 Shares

Singaporeans do a lot of things on the Internet: they scrutinise Social Studies guidebooks, watch brawls and even show disturbing levels of admiration for Transport Minister Mr Khaw Boon Wan.

But last week, they also proved they could use their time online to help others.

You might have seen this post making the rounds on Facebook:

In case you didn’t, it was a foreign worker’s earnest appeal for information about his missing wallet.

Since being posted on Monday (12 Mar), the post has been shared nearly 17,000 times.

It was still being actively shared as this article was written.

But share no more, my friends, because MustShareNews can confirm that Mr Elangovan has found his wallet!


Found 48 hours after post

Mr Elangovan, 38, told MustShareNews that he misplaced his wallet last Sunday (11 Mar) on a chartered bus from Boon Lay MRT to his dormitory in Tuas.

At the advice of his friends, he turned to social media to recover his lost wallet.

He wrote a note and posted a photo of it on Facebook.

When I wrote it, I thought it would only be seen among other foreign workers. But I was pleasantly surprised that Singaporeans shared it to try and help me.

On Wednesday (14 Mar) morning, Mr Elangovan received a call from a fellow foreign worker, who had found his wallet on the bus. He had seen Mr Elangovan’s post circulating around, and called him to report the discovery.

Everything was inside – and I’m grateful, because the person was in Tuas as well.

In his note, Mr Elangovan had said that he would travel to recover his lost wallet if necessary. However, he was not forced to make the expense.

“I saved on my bus fare since he was so nearby,” he said with a laugh.

Having been in Singapore for 11 years now, Mr Elangovan said that he had faith that he would find his wallet.

Singaporeans are very nice people and will do their best to help. This incident proves that.

Mr Elangovan works at ST Marine as a welder. He is supporting his wife and their two sons back home in southern India.

Nice work, Internet brigade. Now time for the next mystery.


Featured image via Facebook and Facebook.