Kind Man Pays For Foreign Worker’s Medical Bill

An Indian man’s altruistic act over the Mother’s Day weekend has warmed the hearts of netizens — proving that Singaporeans can be thoughtful and caring when it matters.


The good-natured man covered a poor Bangladeshi foreign worker’s medical expenses at a clinic after finding out he did not have enough cash to foot the bill.


Now these are the stories that should be happening more often on our little red dot.

Cash-Strapped Foreign Worker

The unidentified Indian man’s kind deed was brought to light after netizen Christy Chia, who is a staff at the clinic, shared about his heroics via a Facebook post.

During his working hours, a sickened Bangladeshi dressed in grubby clothes and shoes visited a clinic for an asthma attack.

The doctor didn’t charge him any consultation or referral fees and advised him to seek treatment at a hospital’s accident & emergency (A&E) department instead. However, a trip to the A&E would be even more expensive than receiving treatment at the clinic.

A decision was made to treat the Bangladeshi worker with a nebulizer (a drug delivery device that turns liquid medicine into a mist to help alleviate asthma) and the patient was allowed to owe the remaining medical fees.


However, the Bangladeshi worker couldn’t understand the English explanation provided by Christy on his situation, so she sought help from another Indian patient in the clinic.

In a pleasant turn of events, the kind-hearted samaritan took the clinic staff and doctor by surprise by offering to pay for the worker’s bill, which amounted to over $80:

It’s okay I will pay for his bills, just let me know how much. And get him an inhaler for his asthma.

Netizens Thankful

Netizens lavished praise on the Indian man for his graciousness and were evidently proud of him for showing that Singaporeans can be counted on.


And it’s heartening to know others will be willing to do the same if they ever chance upon such a situation.



Sadly, some netizens threatened to diminish the feel-good emotions people were feeling by attempting to rouse negative emotions.

This user for example, was awfully sarcastic in response to the Facebook post. It could be that she originated from Bangladesh and was offended when her native country was labelled “very very poor”.


Other bewildered netizens raised concerns as to why the clinic couldn’t waive the fees.


And an appropriate explanation was provided.



However, one person in particular wasn’t satisfied with the clarification, and a mini squabble ensued.


Kindness Begets Kindness

Still, let’s not take anything away from the benevolent Indian man who stood up to help a man in need — kudos to you!

We hope your kind behaviour rubs off other Singaporeans, and encourages others to do the same.

Featured image from Facebook