Foreigner Details Her “Easy” Job Hunting Experience In Singapore And Netizens Are Alarmed


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Ever wondered what life in Singapore would be like if you were a foreigner? Wonder no more.

Young British woman Georgia Caney gives us a peek into her life in Singapore, especially in finding a job, in this YouTube video she posted.

A Raw Nerve

Though the video is basically just her answering a few simple questions from her Instagram followers, some of the answers she gave really hit a raw nerve with a few Singaporeans, who have made no attempt to hide their displeasure.


An Influencer

Ms Caney, who goes by the moniker “TheVintageVision” online, is a 25-year-old Briton who had moved to Singapore with her boyfriend.

She frequently blogs about fashion, lifestyle and her personal life.


Most notably, Ms Caney has a rather popular YouTube channel, with 44,000 subscribers. So if you think this lady’s opinions don’t matter, then you might want to reconsider.


Apparently, some of Ms Caney’s followers were wondering how life was like as an expat in Singapore.


The first few minutes of the video are rather harmless, as she speaks about her travel experiences, and whether or not she would stay in Singapore in the long-term.

However, from 3:35 to 4:36, what she said just triggered Singaporeans, as it shows some few stark differences between the lives of a Singaporean and a Caucasian in Singapore.

So what exactly did she say that sent locals off the rails?

Easy To Find Job

According to Ms Caney, she found a job within 2 months of moving to Singapore.

She also claimed to know quite a few people who had done the same with almost no difficulty.

Though she didn’t say exactly who these people were, since her whole video was about foreigners living in Singapore, there’s a good chance she was talking about fellow foreigners living in Singapore.


Employment has been a sensitive subject for awhile, especially with the large number of foreign workers that are perceived to be taking Singaporeans’ jobs.

With the unemployment rate rising among citizens, people were always bound to be angry at a foreigner seemingly finding her job hunt a piece of cake.

Some netizens ranted over how difficult it was to find a job in Singapore, and the perceived double standards imposed on locals and foreigners.


No Degree Necessary

It has always been drilled into our heads that education is important, and a degree is the very basic thing one needs to have a job that pays decently in Singapore.

Ms Caney begs to differ, however, as she says she doesn’t think a degree is “absolutely necessary”.

That’s a bold statement, especially given the cutthroat environment even graduates face in getting a job.

According to a report by The Straits Times last year, the unemployment rate for resident degree holders rose from 3.5% in June 2015 to 4.3% in June 2016.

With the cut-throat environment that even local graduates face when finding a job, it’s astonishing that Ms Caney can be of the opinion that a degree doesn’t matter — or maybe it doesn’t matter only to people like her?

What she said just created more doubt over whether it is really easier to get a job if you are a foreigner:


Govt Measures

Well, these commenters would be happy to know that some measures are being taken to level the playing field for Singaporeans.

Minister for Manpower Lim Swee Say announced in Parliament on March 6 that about 250 companies were being monitored for not giving Singaporeans a fair shot at employment. He also revealed that about 50 companies had been uncooperative in hiring more Singaporeans.

These moves were part of the Fair Consideration Force initiative designed to ensure that local firms are hiring enough Singaporeans.

Singaporeans First

We hope that the aforementioned moves by the Government will help Singaporeans get more jobs and eradicate the double standard, if any.

If Singaporeans aren’t first choice when it comes to employment in Singapore, where can they be?

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