“Sex Ed” Booklet Plagiarised Material

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know about Agatha Tan’s news-making viral post. It debunked the sexist ideas from volunteers of Focus on the Family, an organisation that conducted a sex education workshop at her school. She tore their assumptions apart and even got the support of her Hwa Chong alumnus, who started a petition against the programme. Now, the plot thickens.

It looks like FotF plagiarised some of their content from a humour site when making this chart. Yes you read that right, a humour site. The writer probably did not know it was satire. And now material from these booklets made its way to our education system and is being taught in our schools.

The Humour Site

Direct link to picture: http://humoriscontagious.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/her-rules2.jpg

The “Sex Ed” Booklet

A Direct Comparison

comparison lol
Here’s a direct comparison where we highlighted 5 incidents of plagiarism from a joke site, which kinda makes this booklet literally a joke.

So much for being sex educators, huh?

As Sylvia Tan (who spotted this story) pointed out from this Straits Times report, Ms Ho (Head of FoTF’s Corporate Communications) said the programme curriculum is based on “well-researched material by various trusted family life and relationship experts”. I guess Internet memes have become legitimate sources these days.

What next?

Looks like plagiarism is all the rage these days, with recent copycat blogger found plagiarising his viral $23,000 flight experience article. But this is not just a simple blog from a fame hungry author. It is being taught in our schools so it’s shocking that someone signed off on this and allowed it to happen. But what may be more astonishing is how long it took to be found out.

This booklet must have been seen by tens and thousands of students but it was only due to the viral facebook post that led to its sudden attention. What if there wasn’t an Agatha Tan? Would anyone else have spoken up? If not, why? How long would it have taken for something to be done about this?

We do not have the answers for that, but we know that we have the Internet and Facebook to thank for helping highlight this issue, and not mainstream media.

Images via Agatha Tan with reference to Sylvia Tan who first spotted this.