Free MRT Rides To Celebrate Official Opening of Downtown Line 3

It’s been a while in coming, but on 21 Oct, Phase 3 of the Downtown Line will finally be open to the public.

And to celebrate the official opening of the 16 new stations, the Land Transport Authority is giving away free rides to commuters who travel on the DTL. The free rides will be available only from 21 – 22 Oct. Over the weekend, commuters will still have to tap in and out of gantries, but no money will be deducted.

But what if you need to use other MRT lines to get to your destination? Will you still be able to enjoy free rides on the DTL? Well, here’s how the free rides will work.

How to claim your free ride on the DTL

There are 3 possible scenarios which commuters will face.

(i) Journey on the DTL only

This is the most straight forward of all scenarios. Just tap in and tap out to enjoy the free ride.

(ii) Transferring from other lines

What if your destination requires you to take multiple train lines? Unfortunately, the free rides are only for the DTL, which means you will be charged for your train ride.

However, you can minimize the cost of your trip by doing the following steps.

Let’s say you are transferring from the North-East Line (NEL) to the DTL at Little India. Simply tap out at the NEL gantry and tap back in at the DTL gantry at Little India. This allows you to enjoy the rest of your journey on the DTL for free.

(iii) Transferring at Bukit Panjang, Newton, or Tampines

Unlike the other interchange stations, these 3 stations are slightly different as passengers would have to tap out and walk through a public area outside of the gantries to change lines.

The procedure will be different from other interchange stations. At these 3 stations, there will be special gantries for those that want to claim the free ride. Station staff will be deployed, and posters will be put up to direct passengers to these designated fare gates.

For more information, check out the video below.

New stations

A total of 16 stations will be added under the 3rd phase of the DTL. Come 21 Oct, stations towards the east from Expo to Fort Canning will commence services to bring the total number of stations on the DTL to 34.

Here’s a map to plan your route.


The remaining 2 stations of DTL, Xilin and Sungei Bedok, will open in 2024.

Ease congestion

The opening of the DTL 3 promises to ease congestion at busy train interchanges such as Tampines. We can only hope that the DTL will prove to be more reliable than the other MRT lines.

After all, we don’t want to have to wait nearly half an hour for the train.

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