llaollao Under Investigation For Discrimination (And Something Else NEA Should Take A Look At)


llaollao under investigation for prejudicial behavior

Popular (and overrated) frozen yoghurt chain Llaollao is being investigated for alleged discriminatory practices by The Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) after Ms Karish Kaur was turned away from a walk-in job interview because she could not speak Mandarin.

Here’s the summary:

On 7 January, Ms Karish Kaur, who is of Punjabi descent, was at the West Mall llaollao outlet enquiring about a walk-in job interview when she was directed to a person referred to as “the assistant supervisor” at the back of the store.

Ms Kaur was then told curtly by that person that because “(the store’s) manager is from China and only speaks Chinese”, she could not apply for the job. Ms Kaur then took to Facebook to air her complaints over the prejudice shown towards her.

On 11 January, she posted an update where the country manager of llaollao (Edwin Ferroa) replied to Ms Kaur via email that the “assistant supervisor” should not have acted in the manner that she had. However, he did not offer any explanation for her brazen behaviour other than that she “should have asked (her) to return for the interview at another time”, as the other manager was not in the store that day.

However, the same country manager then told news reporters that the “assistant supervisor” in question was actually not an employee at all, but the wife of the franchisee owner at West Mall. How interesting.

So now she’s not an official employee on mainstream media, when she was referred to as an assistant supervisor AND as an employee in the email sent to Ms Kaur?



Another PR-laden statement was posted on llaollao Singapore’s Facebook page on 13 January.

One person sums up the whole mess on the post:



Zero attempts by llaollao to compensate her, or even to offer her a job interview. Just a bunch of PR statements that mean nothing.

So llao-zy.

Other controversies

The incident has raised questions about llaollao’s hygiene standards and the stores’ seemingly never ending queues. A picture of a llaollao employee making frozen yoghurt with a bucket on the floor has been making the rounds on Twitter since last year. One word: hygienic.

llao llao tweet


Maybe the NEA should investigate the picture as well. There’s no way that preparing frozen yoghurt on the floor can be hygienic.

Why so roti prata, Mr Ferroa?

We want to ask a question as well — regarding the roti prata-esque flipping of statements by country manager, Edwin Ferroa. Who exactly is the person who turned Ms Kaur away — is she an employee or not? He should not be telling the offended party one thing and then the mainstream media a different story. Also, why hasn’t Ms Kaur been offered a job interview yet?

More importantly, the franchise owner at West Mall also needs to be held accountable for his actions — if Mr Ferroa is telling the truth and his wife was the one who behaved in a prejudiced manner, he and his wife should apologise to Ms Kaur as well. A year’s worth of frozen yoghurt doesn’t sound bad.

Regardless, Ms Kaur can feel a sense of justice that her story is being heard.



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