ESM Goh Chok Tong Admits To Election Controversy, But Wants Us To Support President Halimah Anyway


ESM Goh Chok Tong talked about Madam Halimah’s achievements in FB post

Can you imagine, after countless debates over the 2017 Presidential Election the past few months, our utmost glee when we found out that a member of the People’s Action Party (PAP) had actually admitted to the controversy about Madam Halimah’s victory.

And it wasn’t any ordinary Member of Parliament either — the person in question is former Prime Minister and current Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, who acknowledged the unhappiness residing amongst Singaporeans.

The magnitude of this scoop was sure to rock the very foundation of journalism itself and we had to write an article about it.

Which is why we were absolutely disappointed, to say the very least when we found out that he totally blue balled us and spent the remaining 95% of his post on Facebook praising Halimah’s qualities and telling us to support her instead.


So much so that we decided to write an article about it.

“Recognising” the unhappiness

In case you, our constant reader, were much like ourselves wondering where the actual acknowledgement was, we’ve meticulously pointed it out for you in the image below.


Because the rest of it is pretty much just him highlighting Halimah’s credentials and promoting her presidency.

We’d say he alluded to the controversy, but that’s giving him too much credit.


Because we definitely don’t see any acknowledgment of the unhappiness on the ground but one huge congratulatory well-wishing instead.

Government’s talking down to Singaporeans

In a previous article, we talked about how Singaporeans were generally more upset over the circumstances of that led to Halimah’s victory, instead of actually disliking the person herself. However, the Government and the media’s constant shoving of her and her capable hands in our faces might actually cause some to start detesting her.

After all, if she was really as sincere and humble as we’ve been told, wouldn’t refusing the walkover and insisting on having a fair election appease the very people she claims to represent?


Because nothing says “I’m doing this for the people” more than an annual S$1.54 million salary.

Look, we’re not saying we wouldn’t accept an opposition-free pathway to a job that’s “not well understood by the public“. Given the chance, we’d be out of here faster than it takes for the Government to start changing the criteria again.

But then again, we never claimed our duty to be to Singapore and its citizens. Which is why many get upset whenever she speaks as if she were Singaporeans’ choice to represent them in the highest office of the land.


It’s very likely that Madam Halimah does indeed possess the qualities described about her. However, all of that doesn’t mean a thing when the ability to choose was taken from the public. And she, fully aware of what was happening, did nothing to remedy the situation.

But we reckon the resentment amongst Singaporeans is due to the Government sweeping the issue under the carpet and pretending that all is good.



This is evident in ESM Goh’s post, where every criticism is ignored and only leads to talk of how humble she is.

Singaporeans angered by the Government’s disregard

A look at the comments on ESP Goh’s post explains the sentiments of the general public more than we ever could in an article. Hooi Ming, for example, perfectly encapsulates the feelings of the majority, but it’s likely that his effort will be for naught.


At least negative comments aren’t being removed, considering ESM Goh’s public status.


Furthermore, for someone of ESM Goh’s status and credentials, it’s even more baffling for him to have acknowledged the controversy but not take any action against it.

I guess what we’re trying to say is this:


Maybe the next election

Whether or not we’ll receive any further explanations about the 2017 Presidential Election remains to be seen. Though we wouldn’t exactly be holding on to that hope if we were you.

For those unhappy over the current situation, is there anything you can do about this? Probably not.

The best you can do is wait til the next elections. But then again, it’s not as if life in Singapore will be any different than when we were under Dr Tony Tan, right?

As for more articles about Halimah Yacob, will this the last you read of her on MustShareNews? Probably not.

Featured image from Twitter.




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