The Singapore Flypast During National Day 2014


National Day rehearsal, 2014Chinatown_Sunset_500Chinatown



Gardens by The Bay


Seletar Resevoir

If you think Singapore is boring, think again. Photographer Fong Qi Weis ‘Time In Motion’  showcases Singapore at all times of the day.

Fascinated with the idea of fleeting moments, Fong initially photographed Singapore and called his series ‘Time Is A Dimension.’ Later, he took to using GIFs to show how our city transforms from day to night. We don’t normally notice time passing, and it’s amazing to see the beauty of our small island captured in a single GIF. Although we think of our city as a busy metropolis, this series shows the golden glow that gives these rare moments of idyll.

With reference to Fong Qi Wei.