“Girls Are Lazy” Comment By 987FM Radio Caller Isn’t A Hit With Listeners


Sexist Comment On 987FM

Think sexism doesn’t exist in Singapore? Nope, it still exists, and it can surface when you least expect it to.

Sexism reared its ugly head on national radio on Tuesday (Mar 7) morning when radio station 987FM received a call from a man who made some pretty offensive comments on air — including the opinion that “girls are lazier”.


What Went Down

It all started when the hosts of 987FM morning show Rise & Grind with Kim and Charmian posed a question to their male listeners, asking them if it’s okay for their partners to earn more than they do.

According to a listener who related the dire story on Facebook, the call they received caught both the two DJs and listeners off guard — a man who identified himself as Gordon was of the opinion that women are lazier than their male counterparts.

Why? Because fewer women take up masters or PhD courses.

Worse still, Gordon claimed to be a professor from the National University of Singapore.

Here’s the post from the 987FM listener, who does not want to be identified, on his Facebook page:

Lazy Claims

MustShareNews got in touch with the listener, who added that Gordon claimed he had the statistics to back up his claim that fewer women take up postgraduate courses.

Even if that is true, we struggle to understand why that one single statistic, out of so many others, shows that women are lazier. If he’s really a professor, he should know that there are many factors to explain such a statistic, and he needs more evidence than just one statistic to prove his theory, especially one that so sweeping?

Gordon also mentioned that his wife runs a cake shop — not sure whether he considers that to be laziness?

In short, the so-called professor seems to have thrown academic rigour out window in favour of indulging in baseless prejudice.

DJs In Disbelief

The listener added that he could tell that both Kim and Charmain were stunned with what the alleged professor said and there was awkwardness in the air.

After the call ended, the two DJs said they couldn’t believe what had happened. The next caller, a male, also expressed disgust over the previous call.


987FM also asked the same question over Facebook:


Comments left on the post showed listeners weren’t very happy with Gordon’s comments either:


We couldn’t agree more with Facebook user Eliza Lau. NUS, please screen your professors and weed out ones like this!


We’re not sure what made the alleged professor think it’s acceptable to make such insensitive and misogynistic comments on radio, but he sure offended 987FM’s listeners.

Preventive Measures

We’re also puzzled as to why the caller’s full comments made it to air, especially since radio stations practice broadcast delay, giving the DJs a few seconds to cut or censor any unwanted material before it airs.

Unless 987FM doesn’t practice broadcast delay, why weren’t his comments cut?

Perhaps the DJs and crew were just too stunned to do anything. We think it would have been a surreal experience.

Sexism Is Real

We think this incident serves as a good wake-up call.

Folks, don’t think that just because you and your friends and family are live in the modern world, there aren’t people out there who are stuck in the Stone Age.

Sexism still exists, and there are sexists in our midst.

The only thing we can do is speak out against such attitudes.

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