Gold Foil Staircase In Jalan Rajah Slammed By Town Council, But To Residents It’s As Good As Gold


Golden Staircase

It’s wonderful to see our very own artists breaking boundaries and taking the stage for many world-renowned achievements. For example, Kirsten Tan, Nathan Hartono, Gentle Bones and many others.

Though, there’s the question of whether these artists’ works would have even been appreciated if not for the medals and accolades given to their name.

Take La Salle College of the Arts student Priyageetha Dia, for example, who recently painted a Housing Board staircase gold. Take a look at this golden wonder:


Looks like we have another Sticker Lady in the making, huh. “Gold Lady”, maybe?

Why, Just Why?

If you’re scratching your head in confusion, take a look at Dia’s Facebook post, in which she claimed credit for the act and explained why she did it:

Dia said the artwork questions “what constitutes public and private spaces”:

So, is it possible to draw a line between art and vandalism? I consider this work as art and not vandalism.

If the staircase got you thinking, well then I guess Dia did her job splendidly well.

Not Allowed

Still, as harmless as it seems, the Jalan Besar Town Council has shown their discontentment towards the act, deeming it as “not permissible” and “unauthorised”, according to Today.

Unfortunately, we do have to agree that she make alterations to a public place, and did it without asking permission.

However, a spokesman said that he was instead willing to “explore ways in which [they]may be able to work together”.



Despite this, supporters have shown their enthusiasm towards the thought-provoking piece that took 5 hours to complete and a whole lot of gold foil. Talk about dedication:

gold foil sg

gold foil sg

gold foil sg


Although these are just a few comments, it’s evident just by scrolling through a Reddit thread and Facebook comments that most people/residents don’t mind the gold staircase at all.

In fact, many are actually thankful, and have called it a  work of art.

gold foil sg


Art Or Vandalism?

This leaves us to question, what really constitutes art in Singapore? If art is what the government or a council thinks it is, and what it allows, doesn’t that make art just an extension of government policy?

Also, it’s clear that Dia’s intentions were to create conversation for the better of society, which we duly applaud. If this causes no harm, then should the work be allowed to stay?

After all, who wouldn’t love to have a golden staircase planted right outside their probably boring HDB flat?


We’re just thankful that the authorities didn’t come down hard on Dia for her harmless act, which they could have.

Featured image from Reddit




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