Today Up Feed, yet another site producing click-bait articles with no valuable content

If you are one of those people who reads Goody Feed, congratulations! You have been baited by misleading titles and enticed to read one of their articles.

Before you realise, you have wasted five seconds of your time reading utter baloney.

Goody Feed introduced a new plug-in on their webpage that forces people to “like” their Facebook page before they can finish reading an article…


… which also led to their Facebook fans to increase by 17.7%, which translates to roughly 55k followers.

This clearly violated Facebook regulations and Facebook decided that enough was enough.

Overnight, Facebook wiped out Goody Feed’s Facebook page.

Another site regurgitating senseless articles?

Just when we thought that the nightmare was over, another site, Today Up Feed is quick to take over Goody Feed’s spot.


With a similar logo and header picture, it is obvious which site Today Up Feed is trying to copy from.

Sadly, this is not a parody account.

They also have an astonishing 22k number of fans on their Facebook page when their first post was only live late April.

Goody Feed is still “alive and kicking”

On Facebook, Goody Feed posted an update about their current situation:

In the Faceboook post, they clarified that Today Up Feed is merely a clone of theirs and they are not affiliated to Today Up Feed.

The most important (or devastating) part of their post — Goody Feed reassured their 309,623 fans on Facebook:

On a separate note, don’t worry. Goody Feed is still alive and kicking, and we will be getting back to you real soon.

The real question now is, will Goody Feed survive this ordeal?


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Featured image via Today Up Feed
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