Google’s Singapore Online Store Lets You View Their Products Without The Option To Buy Them

For years, Google has somehow avoided introducing their online store to Singapore; which is odd considering we were ranked first in the world for smartphone usage and engagement in 2014.

However, everything finally changed when it was officially opened on Thursday (5 Oct).

Hopes were high that we could finally get our grubby hands on gadgets such as their Chromebook and maybe even get a sneak peek at the highly anticipated Google Pixel 2 XL.

Check out that lack of headphone jack.


Which is why we here at MustShareNews immediately visited their store to find out more.

Only to find out that you can’t actually buy anything from it.

We’re not kidding.

Whopping total of 3 items in the store

Perhaps it’s because the Pixel 2 hasn’t been released locally yet.

No worries, let’s check out the other smartphones they offer.



Except you can’t, because the Pixel 2 XL is the only smartphone available in their catalog.

In fact, there’s currently only a whopping total of three items available for purchase on the Google Store.

They include the:

  • Pixel 2 XL (Smartphone)
  • Google WiFi (Router)
  •  Chromecast (Digital Media Player)

But at least they each come with a fancy description page complete with pictures floating in on a white background and bullet points filled with buzzwords like “more“, “better“, and “unlimited“.

You can’t actually buy anything directly

Okay, so maybe their store doesn’t offer the best variety, that’s okay.

Say you’re staying in a bigger house and that pesky [insert telco brand here] Wi-Fi just isn’t reaching the corner of your room.

You could still hop on and get a Google Wifi right?


Oh, they’ve partnered with Starhub? Alright, maybe there’s still a way for non-Starhub subscribers to make a purchase.

Who needs proper Wi-Fi coverage in their houses anyway.


Well, guess not.

Let’s try the Chromecast then.

There’s no way they can make that exclusive, right?


Oh, it redirects me to Lazada’s home page.

An online store redirecting you to another online store. Nice.

Google Store USA works fine

Could it perhaps be an error with all of Google’s online stores?

Let’s try purchasing the Pixel 2XL on the the US Google Store.


Oh, it works fine. Splendid.

So it really is just the Singapore Online Store.

What kind of store sells nothing on the opening day?

What’s the point of having a virtual store solely to view a fraction of your products? It’s as if you’ve waited for a brand spanking new store to open only for the store owner to tell you to buy them at another outlet.

You know what, never mind all that.

At least we’ll still be able to get a Pixel 2 XL on 15 Nov, its release date in Singapore.


But only at Singtel, it seems.

Featured image from Google Online Store.