Gov.Sg Compares Childbirth To National Service On Instagram

Having children is often considered a “national duty” of Singaporeans, thanks to the push by our Government to increase the local population. As such, women who have given birth to Singaporean babies have been rewarded with perks galore.

But this explicit link to men serving their national service and women doing their “national duty” takes the cake.

Apparently, official government website Gov.Sg just launched an Instagram profile, and they do sponsored posts as well! One of their sponsored posts was about an attempt to garner publicity for local short film B.M.T (Beijing,Mumbai,Tampines), and it looked like this:


Questionable Caption

While both the poster and the film were beautiful representations of the multi-cultural friendships formed among soldiers during the Basic Military Training (BMT) phase of NS, the caption that accompanied the post wasn’t as well-received.

Instead of talking about the touching story depicted in the film, the caption instead drew a parallel between childbirth and BMT. A question was also posed — Who has it worse?


Netizens Triggered

Comparing a few months of BMT to childbirth was just absurd to most netizens.


Different And Incomparable

The general consensus was the two experiences, BMT and childbirth, were two totally different experiences. 

While both are their own form of “national duty” for Singaporeans males and females respectively, each has their own difficulties and purposes, therefore it would be unfair to directly compare them.


Women In Uniform

Some women also felt offended, as the post had completely disregarded the women who had chosen to serve the country, by signing on with the Singapore Armed Forces.


Has the person behind the idea for this caption forgotten that there are people who have been through the “pains” of BMT and may go through the pain of childbirth.


Both national servicemen and mothers go through pain during their BMT/childbirth experiences.

However, to put those two events side-by-side and to argue over which one is more gruesome is rather naive and small-minded. Perhaps this netizen put it most succinctly.


We sincerely hope that the Gov.Sg administrators thoroughly reflect on the wording of their captions in the future.

Singaporeans might feel embarrassed to have these ridiculous statements issued from the official government account, no less.

Featured images from Instagram and Huffington Post