Couple’s Baby Born In The Backseat Of a GrabCar

When Grabcar driver Alvin Riar picked up Mr Musaddiq & Mdm Liyana, he knew that time was of the essence. In the additional comments section, the couple had indicated “Pregnant wife in labour”.

However, the 29 year old did not know that he only had a few minutes to reach the National University Hospital (NUH).


He recounted the “magical” story in a Facebook post on 21 Aug.


Driver felt nervous

The incident took place on 12 Aug with Mr Alvin accepting a Grab pick up with a note saying “Pregnant wife in labour”.  When he arrived at the couple’s address, he could see the pain on Mdm Liyana’s face. Mr Alvin admitted that he felt nervous as a result of this.

Luckily for him, Mr Musaddiq was evidently well prepared for any natal crisis. The Temasek Polytechnic alumnus kept his cool and managed both his wife and Mr Alvin with relative ease.

After requesting for classical music to be played, Mr Musaddiq tried to calm Mdm Liyana through prayer.

He continued to check in with Mr Alvin, giving words of encouragement to the driver to drive calmly and safely.

Soon, his son’s cries could be heard as the Nissan Latio was still en route to NUH.

With the difficult part being over, Mr Alvin shared how Mr Musaddiq bore a wide smile on his face.

A fare-ytail ending

With Mdm Liyana and baby Ahmad Luqmaan Bin Musaddiq receiving treatment upon arrival at NUH, both mother and child were healthy, much to Mr Musaddiq’s joy.


Family and friends congratulated the couple on their second born on Mr Musaddiq’s Facebook portrait of the newly extended family.


One friend even joked with Mr Musaddiq on the consequences he would have to face if he had taken a Grabshare, instead of a Grabcar ride.

Mr Musaddiq laughed it off saying that it would have been a scene with another passenger sharing the ride.

With Jetstar giving $1000 to a baby born on board its flight last year, will Grab follow suit with a present of their own? Well, we certainly hope so given the publicity they are getting.

The MustShareNews team would like to congratulate Mr Musaddiq and Mdm Liyana on the birth of their new son as well as thank Mr Alvin for sharing and playing a part in this unforgettable tale.

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