Grab Taxi And Downtown Line Train Services Disrupted

So it’s 7.30am and you’ve just reached Bukit Panjang MRT Station all ready for your commute to work when you notice the huge crowd by the gantry.

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Signalling fault again, sian.

No worries, you think to yourself — there’s always Grab. Sure it’s going to hurt your wallet a little but at least you’ll still be able to get to work on time.

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Wait, what?

Are you telling me that both the Downtown line (DTL) and Grab is down at the same time?

Like that today how to go work?

Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Downtown Line struck by signalling fault

On Thursday (1 Mar), residents living along the DTL were treated to an unpleasant surprise when they were told to add a travel time of up to 15 minutes during their commute.

According to the announcements made, the delay was caused by a signalling fault between Bayfront and Promenade stations.

Passengers were understandably upset considering how technologically advanced the DTL was compared to its North-South and East-West counterparts.


However, those affected reported delays longer than what was announced and took to social media to air their frustrations.



Many stated that instead of an overall 15-minute delay, the trains would halt at each station for 5 to 10 minutes — causing them to run late for at least 30 minutes.

However, the free passing bus services were only available between Bugis to Chinatown.

As a result, they were left with no choice – other than being late for work – but to fork out a little extra and Grab to work instead.

Unfortunately for them…

Grab struck with technical error

Just as the DTL was going through massive delays, ride-hailing firm Grab also reported a technical issue with their app.

Users islandwide initially reported that they were unable to make use of the ride sharing app.

This made it pretty much impossible for those living along the DTL to head to work.

During this period, Grab drivers were also reportedly unable pick up any customers.

According to Channel NewsAsia, driver Wenxuan Su couldn’t even log in to the driver’s app. This prevented him from receiving any jobs.

It’s not hard, it’s impossible.

It wasn’t until shortly after 9am when Grab provided an update that booking of rides were available via cash and GrabPay linked cards.

Thankfully, just two hours later they successfully resolved all technical issues with the app.

What a crazy month March has been — and it’s only the first day.

Singapore’s reliance on public transportation

At the time of this article, SBS Transit is still reporting a signalling fault between Expo and Bukit Panjang stations.

However, if at this point you still aren’t at work you should probably just turn around and call it a day — if you can, that is.

While today’s series of unfortunate events might not have been as serious as that in the past, it’s still a sign on how reliant Singaporeans are on public transportation.

We can only hope that these failures serve as an opportunity for the transport operators to begin again, but more wisely.

Otherwise, we’ll have to start cycling to work.

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