Grab Driver Shouted At Me, Customer Claims, Then Finds Out His Friend Is Also Driver’s Friend

In another case of the Internet bringing people closer together, a netizen Ivan Lim posted on his Facebook page on Wednesday (July 26) about a negative experience he faced the day before with one particular Grab driver.

No, that’s not the example of the Internet bringing people closer, this is: Responding to Mr Lim’s Facebook rant, his friend tags the said Grab driver almost immediately, revealing that he’s actually their mutual friend.


Shouting Over The Phone

During the incident, Mr Lim said Grab driver “Khoor Kian Boon” had shouted at him when he called after waiting for 10 minutes.

Why was the driver shouting? Because he said he couldn’t pick up Mr Lim due to a bus lane on the road.

It turns out that, according to Mr Lim, the driver was on the wrong side of the road from him — the driver’s mistake, he claimed.

Mr Lim said that he was actually waiting at a taxi stand.

The driver then cancelled the booking abruptly — meaning Mr Lim would have to wait longer when he was already late.

Read the lurid tale in full here:


Small World

And that’s not the end of the story — to Mr Lim’s dismay, a friend of his commented a mere half an hour later, saying the driver was in fact, an old friend of hers.


She even tagged him in the comment.


While we wait to see whether Mr Khoor will reply, let’s take a look at some of the rules about private cars for hire.

Road Traffic Rules

A quick search brought us to a post on the UberPeople forum stating that it is actually against road traffic rules for any non-taxis to stop at taxi stands for any reason.

In Mr Khoor’s defence, this would mean that even if he had been on the correct side, he would’ve technically been violating the law if he had picked Mr Lim up at the taxi stand.


Could this be used as a potential reason for cancellation of the booking? We can only wait and see.

3.74 Degrees Of Separation


A study on Facebook once suggested that on average, there are just 3.74 intermediate friends separating one user from another. Excluding those at either ends of a friendship, that figure represents the number of people in between the chain.

In other words, when you consider another person in the world, it’s highly likely that a friend of your friend knows a friend of their friend.

What this means is that you might be closer to people you meet on the streets than you actually think, as this incident has shown.

Patience Is A Virtue

Only time will tell if Mr Khoor responds to explain his side of the story.

Rest assured, we will keep you updated.


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