GrabHitch Driver Accused Of Touching Female Passenger’s Thighs Twice And Making Lewd Comments

There’s always a certain risk involved when you enter a stranger’s car.

Expect the worst, hope for the best.

For Vivian Ng, a Facebook user, she sure did not expect that her GrabHitch driver would brazenly outrage her modesty twice during a trip.

She spread the word about Colin, the driver who allegedly harassed her, in a Facebook post.


Here’s what happened according to Vivian:

  • She got into the front passenger seat of the GrabHitch
  • While sleeping, she felt his hands touch her thigh
  • She woke up instantly and brushed his hand off
  • She was shocked when his hand returned to her thigh
  • She told him she had a boyfriend, to which he absurdly replied, “he doesn’t have to know”
  • Upon alighting at her destination, the driver apologised for his actions saying, “she was too hard to resist”

We can’t believe this driver’s audacity.


Maybe he was trying to wake her up, but that’s impossible since they were on the highway — which was nowhere near her destination.

“He doesn’t have to know” in reference to the girl’s boyfriend also seems like an insufficient excuse considering how he just outraged her modesty.

Feeling shocked? You’ll be even more shocked at the comments on this post.

Comments that would make you do a double take

The Facebook comments section makes for an interesting scroll. You can find anything from radical views to memes.

She has a fair share of support and ‘victim-shamers’.

One Facebook user suggested that she was a cheapo for taking GrabHitch so she deserved whatever happened to her.


Of course, we think that taking GrabHitch isn’t a crime and her choice of Grab vehicle is utterly unrelated to whatever happened.

Some questioned why she had to take the front seat — providing easier access for would-be molesters.

However, as pointed out by another Facebook user, it is a mark of respect to the driver.


Other commenters simply blamed her for what she was wearing, while some defended her rights to wear whatever she wants.


But no matter what she was wearing or where she sat, we think the problem lies with her driver stepping out of professional boundaries.


What now?

She has stated that she’s since lodged a police report, and Grab is carrying out internal investigations.

We hope Vivian gets the justice she deserves, and that she doesn’t take the nasty Facebook comments to heart.

Meanwhile, drivers like Colin are just a few of the bad apples that spoil the bunch.

Eh, Grab driver doesn’t mean everything also can grab okay.


Female commuters out there: you have no reason to be afraid of taking taxis; to change the way you dress; or feel obliged to take the backseat.

Stay vigilant and you’ll be A-okay.

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