Never Grabbed a Taxi? Never mind

Singaporeans are receiving text messages from ride-sharing app GrabTaxi, asking users to “reactivate their account”, due to suspicious activity based on “booking history”.

The message itself, however, seems more suspicious than any customer activity.

For one, users are asked to enter their information into a rather unofficial looking Google Form.

Even more suspiciously, Singaporeans who have never used GrabTaxi are also getting these messages.

What’s going on? We went to GrabTaxi’s Facebook page to find out.

Seems legit, at least according to GrabTaxi

In the latest post on their Facebook page, GrabTaxi has replied to comments asking about these messages, and the contents are generally similar.



  1. The SMS is legit,
  2. GrabTaxi seems to be refreshing their database,
  3. They are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

But that reply thoroughly ignores the main question on everybody’s heads: HOW DID THEY GET THE NUMBERS OF NON USERS?

We guess that’s one questions GrabTaxi will have to answer themselves.

By the way, that shortlink in the SMS has since been disabled.


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Featured Image via GrabTaxi/Facebook