Singaporeans really, really miss their childhood.

#GrowingUpSingaporean was all the rage on Twitter the past few days.



And if you take a closer look:


It has even received the distinguished honour of placing third alongside eternal first place thief Harry Styles.

Clap. Clap.

So of course we had to stalk the hashtag and listicle it. It’s just tradition.

27 tweets that will make you wish it was 2005 again

We’ll start off with the food you shamelessly stuffed yourself with back when abs made you go ‘ew’.

1. The I Have No Idea What This Is But It’s So Good

Putu Mayam, fyi. That shit was legendary.

2. The Milo Truck



This was the reason why you never ponned sports day.

3. The $1 Ice-cream

Anybody else finds the way the uncle chops the ice-cream into a rectangle seriously satisfying?

4. The Whatever Happened To This Drink?

5. The Reason Why We’re More Imaginative Than Today’s Kids

6. The Why Are There Only Freaking 3 Pieces In One Packet

Remember feeling like the boss of a seaweed dealer when you had a treasure trove of these and all your classmates gravitated to your table for some? #TheThugLifeChoseYou

Now let’s move on to the reasons why our friends came over to our house even when smart phones didn’t exist.

7. The Books That Made You Look Cool

8. The Reasons Why You Got Sent Out The Computer Lab

Excuse me, where’s Maple Story? Some people play it to this day ok.

9. The It Will Never Be The Same Again

They were the #SquadGoals of the day.

10. The Reason Why All Girls Have Dream Rooms

11. The Only Reason Why Boys Even Bother

Dem bewbs.

12. The Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Smart Phones

All we needed — one big open space. Cost: $0.

13. The You Mean “O Ya Pei Ya Som Ba Lei Ya…”

One does not simply call that game “Black and White”. Psssshhh.

14. The Place You Found Your First BF/GF

How convenient it was to be able to buy beds that we could lie on. *wink*

15. The We Weren’t Corrupt, I Swear

Everybody played this. We were completely innocent. Promise.

16. The Why Did We Keep Spending On This When All We Won Were Pens

17. #TRUTH.

18. The Reason Why You Thought Holland V Actually Sold Nasi Lemak For Years

Of course, a picture isn’t enough:

Don’t know whether to laugh or cry? I thought so.

Alrighty, now for the reasons why you thought school wasn’t that bad after all (only after you graduated, that is).

19. The How Teachers Used To Shut Us Up

20. The This Is What Every Girl Goes To The Bookshop For

Because notebooks were all the rage. Not for notes.

21. The Does This Have To Be On This List Because Nightmares

22. The Reason Why Your Pencil Case Was Absolutely Massive

Admit it, you used to think collecting ALL colours was the coolest thing ever.

23. The Free Gift Nobody Actually Opened But Everybody Had

Now that you’re the one nagging at your parents, it’s the perfect time to throwback on how your parents used to nag at you.

24. The You Totally Believed This

You also spread those Hungry Ghost spam messages. You did.

25. The #SoAsian

26. The Reason Why The Classroom Sometimes Smelled Like Oil

Because your parents told you that the mystical cure to all stomachaches was this:

It’s also the reason why everyone silently braces themselves for the farts that follow stomach aches.

And finally:

27. The Reason Why Angmohs Think All Asian Parents Are Like This


The list goes on

I’m not going to ask you if there’s anymore #GrowingUpSingaporean things you can think of.

Just join in the nostalgia party already.

Because you people just love that stuff.

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