Eligible Singaporeans To Receive Up To $500 Cash

One of the few perks of growing older is that you get free GST vouchers (GSTV) every year —  if you’re above 21.

2017 might not have been the best year, since one of Singapore’s most reputable family is seeing its name being dragged into the mud, but perhaps this piece of news offers some solace.

According to The Ministry Of Finance (MOF), 1.37 million eligible citizens will receive up to $500 cash — no strings attached.

MOF has invested $1.2 billion into this year’s GSTV, so let’s show them some love.

Two Batches of Vouchers

The GST vouchers will arrive in two batches — up to $300 in August and a one-off special payment in November.


The eligibility for the GSTV is as such —

Income Earned in 2015 : $28,000 and below Annual Value of Home as of 31 Dec 2016
Up to $13,000 $13,001 to $21,000
Disbursed on August 2017 $300 $150
Disbursed on November 2017 $200 $100
Total $500 $250


Unfortunately, Singaporeans who earned more than $28,000 in 2015 will get exactly zero in GST Vouchers. =(

To check your eligibility, simply login with Singpass here to check. Eligible Singaporeans will also receive both SMS and letter notifications, so go update your personal particulars on Singpass.

While citizens who have previously registered for such Government payouts need not sign up again, new recipients must apply by 31 December 2017 for the GSTV.


Additionally, around 450,000 Singaporeans aged 65 and above will receive up to $450 in August this year. Citizens born before 31 December 1959 also get a top up on their Medisave account amounting up to $200 — if they have not received any Pioneer Generation benefits.

For more info on the Medisave GSTV, you can check out the MOF website.

Featured image from Human Resources