A guide to solving your Daesh issues

Soon after Daesh (that’s what we’re calling ISIS now) claimed responsibility for the Paris Attacks, people started putting a filter of the French flag on their Facebook profile pictures in memoriam of victims.

Then, lengthy commentaries started going viral across social media, in particular this one encouraging Muslims to ‘own’ the problem of Daesh.

Except confronting the problem can be a tricky one, given Muslims have difficulty considering Daesh as an organization of the same faith.

Playwright Alfian Sa’at, in particular, expressed his dissonance.

Well, we might have finally found a simple 4 step guide for Alfian, presented in a simple Facebook post.

Yep, there are only 4 steps

Lawyer Nabil Mustafiz stated in his post that Muslims need to accept the fact that Daesh are, in fact, of the same religion as them. Just that they’re the smallest, most radical, most extreme, faction of the religion.

These so called “Muslims” have misinterpreted and distorted facts from the Quran, and have extensively weaponised far more than any other text in the holy book.

Instead, all Muslims should join in the fight against the weaponisation of Islam, claiming that Muslims themselves need to find an answer to this problem.

Why the guide was created

The guide was created in a Facebook post was a response to Alfian’s Facebook post of how Muslims need not ‘own’ Daesh.

In his post, Alfian stated that Muslims do not have a solution, as he considered those in Daesh as not Muslims and that their acts don’t represent the teachings the of Islam.

A collective effort is key

However, Muslims shouldn’t be the only group ‘owning’ the problem. Instead, a collective effort from different people is required to eliminate Daesh.

Unity from different forces around the world will only make it harder for Daesh to commit acts of terror in the world.

Keeping our unity is crucial in times like this, as it prevents us from being plunged to an even more chaotic world– something we must all come together to avoid.

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