The most intense event of the year is near, but Haiku Party is keeping it zen

GE2015 is a very serious topic to talk about, with the fate of our Government basically in our hands. That’s a big deal, especially when you vote for the wrong party.

However, we stumbled on an interesting Facebook page that will lighten the mood.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we introduce to you to the Haiku Party.

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Yup, that’s right. A “party” created by two individuals with intentions of bringing out the creative and poetic side of Singapore.

One of the many reasons for creating the page is because..

 “Singaporeans have an opinion on everything.”

Yes, yes we do.

According to the creators of Haiku Party, even after tagging involved political parties into their posts, they haven’t gotten any complaints or such from the authorities or parties. In fact, the Haiku Party is rather surprised at the lack of response from the political parties. *inserts frown face*

Why Haiku?

There are actually strict guidelines for a Haiku to work, guidelines that the Haiku Party have dismissed playfully. They decided to stick to the ‘mainstream’ format simply because it’s easy to write at such short notice during the #GE2015. Besides, we’re sure we can all agree the only poetry format we know is the Haiku.

If you know another form of poetry besides the Haiku then… Congratulations.

Posts on the Haiku Party’s page largely have to do with candidates running for GE2015…



…to parties (we all know who this one is referring to)


…to classic quotes.


Here’s an important question though, what will happen to Haiku Party when voting is over?

We’ll count the votes to see if we should take part in the next elections. Or we could sell the page, make a few million and retire in Potong Pasir.

May the odds be ever in your favour

Haiku Party may actually win a spot into Parliament at this rate. If you want your views to be heard by Haiku Party, simply sum it up in less than 17 syllables and they might feature you in their next post!

They definitely have my vote, what about yours? would like to thank the creators of Haiku Party for taking time out to answer our queries. 

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Featured Image Via Haiku Party
With References from Haiku Party