HalalSG Deems Lekor At Ramadan Bazaar Safe To Eat

HalalSG’s sassy comebacks on Twitter just keep getting better.

In response to a query about a viral video concerning keropok lekor – crackers made of fish – sold at the Ramadan Bazaar, HalalSG confirmed it was ‘fake news’ with their signature wit.

Plastic fish crackers sold at Ramadan Bazaar?

A concerned user first flagged the disturbing WhatsApp video to HalalSG on Twitter.


The video in question was also posted in full on Facebook, and has received 5.1k shares at the time of writing.

A viral video literally on fire

After a few seconds of people milling about in the video, a man appears to confront a store owner at the Ramadan Bazaar.


To the surprise of onlookers, he whips out a lighter and proceeds to set his fish cracker on fire.


The man in the video is then seen arguing with the alleged store owners who sold him the lekor – insisting that it’s fake because it’s flammable.

HalalSG’s hilarious response


HalalSG’s light-hearted response began with,

Alamak bro this one you ask @AVAsg la.

Asking the user to consult the relevant authority, Agri-Veterinary Authority (AVA) instead, they claimed they “never burn keropok lekor one, we makan only”.

HalalSG confirms that the video is “fake news” and that lekor at the Ramadan Bazaar are safe for consumption.

Finally, they gave a friendly warning to their followers to eat the crackers only “after azan Maghrib hor”.

Be wary of fake news

We do think that users should be more cautious about sharing unverified videos circulating on WhatsApp, to prevent further food scares, just like this one.

Especially since the volatile nature of our social media feeds often adds to the confusion.

But at the very least, we know that HalalSG’s got our backs –

– and the Internet makes good memes, as always.

Featured image from Facebook and HalalSG.