Only 2.1 million Singaporeans are can vote

This afternoon (2 February), the Prime Minister has ordered the registers of electors be revised and updated. This is a practice that has to be performed no later than 3 years after every general election — a requirement fulfilled when the registers were updated last year. Yet another sign that the elections are coming?

But here’s the more interesting part.

When the registers were updated in March 2014, the number of voters eligible numbered at 2,411,188. The overall population last year was 5.47 million, with 3.34 million Singapore citizens, 0.53 million Permanent Residents, and 1.6 million non-residents.

Only citizens can vote, which means 3.34 million (Singapore citizens) – 2.41 million (eligible voters) = 0.93 million ineligible voters.

Singaporeans aged below 21 are automatically ineligible, and according to Singstat, they number 0.85 million in 2014. A little more math leaves us with about 80,000 Singaporeans who are above the age of 21, but are ineligible voters.

To make Singaporeans eligible

Eligible Singaporeans who do not vote at the end of an election are automatically struck off the list of eligible voters, and cannot vote or contest in future elections.

Ineligible voters are able to reinstate their voting eligibility either on the Elections Department Website, or at any Community Centre/Club. An explanation of why the individual did not vote is required, and a penalty of $50 is payable if the reason is deemed invalid or insufficient.

The register of electors has to be completed by 30 April this year.

You can expect an analysis of those elector numbers on MustShareNews as soon as we get them.

With reference via Singstat, Elections Department Singapore, The Straits Times
Featured image via Singstat