Mao Shan Wang Durian Prices Down To $12-$20/Kg Due To Hot Weather In Malaysia

Mao Shan Wang fans, listen up: prices are down to only $12 to $20 per kg, according to durian sellers whom The Straits Times spoke to on Monday (19 Mar).


Last month, prices for Mao Shan Wang (MSW) fluctuated from $20/kg to $28/kg.

Back in 2017, MSW durians would set you back more than $40/kg.

On average this means a potential 50% reduction in prices this month, due to a bumper harvest as a result of Malaysia’s prolonged hot weather season.

I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced that this is a good deal.


Time to indulge!

What’s the hype about Mao Shan Wang durians?

MSW’s rich and creamy texture, sweet and mildly pungent aroma makes it a hot choice among locals.


The flesh has an unusual combination of both bitter and sweet flesh.


You never know what to expect — and this element of surprise is definitely what I love about MSW.


I want it now!

Cravings? Here are some of the best places to indulge in the heavenly Mao Shan Wang right now.


Love the feeling of sitting on red plastic stools at foldable tables and watching the durian uncle split open thorny green husks?


Here’s a list of some of Singaporeans’ favorite roadside stalls where you can pay pilgrimage to Mao Shan Wang in the upcoming durian season.

From Bukit Batok to Serangoon to Katong, there’s guaranteed to be one just a stone’s throw away.

No time to go and buy leh, how?

Do you look at this photo and cringe at the idea of queuing for hours?


We’ve trawled through the Internet to bring you 3 online durian stalls who are having fire sales this season!

  • Durian King – offers MSW from $20/kg
  • Durian Garden brings you MSW from $18/kg
  • Durian 36*
    •  Old Tree Signature Red Prawn D13 -$12/kg
    • Mao Shan Wang -$18/kg
    • Red Prawn D13 – 1 for $10

* Call 9889 4906 or email for enquiries.

More delivery services can be found here, and some stalls require that you make an advanced booking a few days ahead.

Bear in mind that a delivery fee will be in order as there’s a minimum order for free shipping.

So jio all your durian khakis and feast together!

Cravings satisfied

We at MustShareNews will always jio you for all the best lobangs, because good deals must share.

Since Mao Shan Wang durians will soon be a luxury that’s way more affordable, we can look forward to a fruitful durian season ahead indeed.

P.S. If Mao Shan Wang is still out of your budget, here are 10 affordable durian snacks starting from $0.80.

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