President Halimah Yacob Received $800,000 In Donations, And Spent $220,875

Now that the hustle and bustle of the reserved presidential elections has subsided, the official figures that President Halimah Yacob spent on her presidential campaign is finally out.


Under the Presidential Elections Act, presidential candidates are required to submit their election expenses within 31 days after the release of elections results. Given that only President Halimah was declared eligible, this means only a breakdown of her cost is available for public viewing at the Elections Department. However, a fee of $2 is payable for inspection of the returns.

The mainstream media have reported that our incumbent President spent $220,875 during her campaign. Let’s take a look at what President Halimah spent her money on for her walkover win.

President Halimah spent the most on posters that we don’t remember seeing

It was reported that President Halimah received a grand total of $800,000 in donations for her campaign. Businessman Ng Kim Choon contributed more than half of President Halimah’s campaign funds — a generous figure of $440,000. However, it turns out that President Halimah did not need that much.

Here’s a breakdown of numbers and what they were spent on.

Type of Expenditure Cost Quantity
Posters + Incineration of posters and banners $73,000 10,100 Campaign posters
Postcards To Be Mailed Out If Elections Had Been Contested $36,400 1.28 million Admail A5 Postcards
Filming $29,000
PVC Banner $20,000 200 PVC Banner
Online Marketing Costs $16,000
Room Rental $6,000
Office Supplies $4,800
Food $3,400
Transport $2,900
Telephone and Communications $1,500
Miscellaneous $4,000



Figures are based off mainstream media publications, and might not tally with reported total

President Halimah was reported to have spent most of her money ($73,000) on the printing, and later incineration of election posters and banners. However, because she never needed much of these materials, because there was no elections.

The next highest expenditure was on 1.28 million postcards that were supposed to be mailed out to voters if the elections were contested. Well, we all know how that turned out … more incineration indeed.

Makan bojio

While most of the spending seems like a fairly reasonable, we rather curious on how she spent $3,400 on food. According to CNA, President Halimah shelled out $2,000 on a buffet dinner for 45 people at Islamic Restaurant.


And that’s not all. In the same article, CNA also claimed that President Halimah and her team had Delifrance for breakfast on the morning of nomination day.

Mmmm… Sedap


We were slightly disappointed that we weren’t invited to either occasions. After all, Do Good Do Together.

What happens to the rest of the money?

Given that President Halimah received $800,000 and used up only $220,875, what happens to the rest of the money? According to Channel NewsAsia, all unused donations will be returned to donors. However, the donors have plans to contribute to the President’s Challenge.

Featured image from Halimah Yacob