President Halimah Yacob Recommends Healthy Recipes That To Encourage Singaporeans To Eat Healthier

Being the President of Singapore means that most of your time will be spent entertaining diplomats and attending events. However, no matter how busy she gets, President Halimah Yacob always has the interests and well-being of Singaporeans at heart.

Despite being busy hosting Prince Charles and Princess Camilla, our dear President has taken time off to share a few recipes to encourage Singaporeans to eat healthy.

In lieu of the Healthy Lifestyle Festival Singapore, President Halimah has shared two recipes that will help Singaporeans “take the first step in living a healthy lifestyle”.

If Madam President Can Cook So Can You

In a Facebook post on 6 Nov, President Halimah shared her belief that good health is a personal responsibility. In order to lead a healthier life, our President advocates eating right and exercising regularly.

In a bid to help Singaporeans eat more healthy, President Halimah shared the first of two recipes — Chicken and Vegetable Stew.

Instead of using white rice, President Halimah substituted it with brown rice, a healthier option.


Now we had our reservations about healthy recipes, but doesn’t the final product just makes you want to scream ‘mmhmm sedap’?


It seems that President Halimah’s gesture was well received by netizens who thanked her for sharing this healthy recipe.


With Singaporeans being receptive of her first recipe, our dear President shared another recipe in a post on 9 Nov. This time, she shared a Javanese dish — Nasi Liwet.

If you are wondering what Nasi Liwet is, it is a rice dish cooked in coconut milk, chicken broth and spices. Here is what it normally looks like:


However, since coconut milk is high in fats, President Halimah has swapped the ingredient for nasi goreng paste.


Here’s a look at the healthier alternative.


President from the hood

Although she might be our President, it pays to remember that Madam Halimah came from a humble background where she would wake up early in the morning to help out at her mother’s nasi padang store.

While there might have been much backlash after she was the only presidential candidate that was declared eligible, it seems the President Halimah is slowly winning over the hearts of Singaporeans.

Featured image from Facebook.