President Halimah Yacob Pens Letter of Thanks To Singaporeans For Their ‘Strong’ Support

On Wednesday afternoon (13 Sept), Madam Halimah Yacob became Singapore’s 8th President.

The day before she stepped up to the position, she wrote a letter to Singaporeans, pledging to do her best as the new President of Singapore. However, we noticed something that was odd in the letter.

In it, she thanked Singaporeans for their “strong show of support”.

Strong show of supp- Wait. What??


Makcik, Apa Strong Support?

After it was announced that Mdm Halimah would become the 8th President of Singapore via a walkover, Singaporeans angrily commented on Facebook posts, furious that they could not vote. Some even drew comparisons with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un’s 100% win in 2014 and the unhappiness when Donald Trump was elected President in 2016.



While these comparisons were drawn in a fit of anger, it seems that there might be at least one similarity that the trio share.

Ignoring a few haters is part and parcel of the job as a politician, but to live in self-denial when a large percentage of the country’s population is against you being their leader — well, that takes skills.

Looks like Mdm Halimah has decided to ignore the large amounts of Singaporeans who took to social media to voice their unhappiness that she was given a walkover. Did she not see the thousands of #notmypresident posts?

Turns out she might have actually missed it all, and here’s one of the reasons why:


One Facebook user questioned if Mdm Halimah’s media team was hiding all the negative comments from her Facebook page.

We took a quick look at Mdm Halimah’s Facebook page and found that there was a curious lack of negative posts.


However, a quick look at the comments section at ST’s video of Mdm Halimah submitting her nomination form reveals a largely negative sentiment.


Mere coincidence? You decide for yourself.

We have nothing against Mdm Halimah

It must be said that most of the hate that is occurring circulating the internet is not directly targeted at Mdm Halimah. Singaporeans are generally just pissed off that the chance for a fair and meritocratic election was taken away from them rather.

A few had hoped that Mdm Halimah would choose to not submit her nomination form and force an open election. This would probably have gained her more supporters and allowed her to ‘earn’ the right to be the 8th President of Singapore.

Until she earns the respect of Singaporeans, protests against her Presidency will always be heard.

Featured image from Facebook and Shutterstock.