Halimah Yacob Will Run For President, And Singaporeans’ Reactions Are Equally Unsurprising


Nobody Is Surprised That Halimah Yacob Is Running For President

Breaking News: Water is wet.

Also, Madam Halimah Yacob has announced her potential candidacy for the upcoming Presidential Election.


End of article.

Editor’s Note: I don’t think so.


After announcing that she would run on Sunday (Aug 6), Mdm Halimah resigned from all her political posts on Monday (Aug 7). Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has accepted her resignation.

Most Singaporeans are also resigned — to the extremely likely possibility that Mdm Halimah will our next president.

Farid Khan Responds

Potential presidential rival Farid Khan Kaim Khan responded on Monday (Aug 8) with a short one-line statement.

I welcome Madam Halimah’s confirmation to contest in the upcoming Presidential Election.

Now that we’ve heard from Mr Farid, let’s take a look at how other Singaporeans are reacting to this almost-foregone conclusion.

Reactions Online

Surprisingly, the response online is actually… fairly balanced?

Unlike the usual wave of negativity and sarcasm we’ve grown accustomed to, there’s actually a decent amount of support for her.

But let’s start with the negativity first, because that’s what you’re here for.

No Surprise

Mdm Halimah’s confirmation came after much contemplation, but apparently, it was something that everyone else already knew months ago.

Sorry Liverpool fans.


Many were unimpressed with her constant “mulling” over the presidency bid.


One even called her out for having already made her mind in the first place.


The Chosen One?

Many weren’t too pleased with the entire situation.


With some referring to the election as all but over.



Perhaps part of the reason people think she’s a shoo-in is that the mainstream media coverage on Mdm Halimah has been overwhelming since she announced her bid:

On the other hand, we haven’t seen much coverage of the other candidates at all.

Luckily, we here at MustShareNews have got your back. Here’s some information about Mohamed Salleh Marican and Farid Khan Kaim Khan for your viewing pleasure.

Racial Requirements

Considering the questions over Mdm Halimah’s Indian background, many poked fun at how the fact that this year’s election is reserved for Malay candidates may mean she’s not actually eligible.



One may have alluded to MP Zainal Sapari’s endorsement of her as a member of the Malay community.


But hey, there’s at least one good thing about straddling 2 races — if the next election is reserved for Indians, she’s also eligible.


In case you’re curious, here are the thoughts of 15 Singaporeans on the reserved presidential election.


Hope For Tan Cheng Bock?

A few still held on hope that former presidential candidate Tan Cheng Bock can run in the upcoming election.


Unfortunately, his challenge to the reserved election was rejected by the High Court — though his appeal to the Court of Appeal is still undecided.

One day..


I guess you can say he was..


Maybe the next election, Dr Tan. Maybe the next.

What Does The President Do Exactly?

Ultimately, it seems as though the real breaking news here is that Singaporeans aren’t entirely aware what the president actually does.


I guess we’ll find out shortly enough.

Support For Halimah


If you’ve made it this far down, congratulations. The remaining half of the article is a lot less cynical.

Let’s see what some of Mdm Halimah’s supporters have said.



Turns out that not everyone disagreed with the ruling on her being classified as Malay.

Some defended that she has long been considered Malay before talk about the elections started.



One actually praised her for sacrificing her current stability to change Singapore for the better.


Some called for judgement to be reserved and compared her to the late former president Ong Teng Cheong, believing that she too can make a difference.


One was simply looking forward to having Singapore represented by a female president for once.


May The Best Man/Woman Win

Despite all the negative opinions, we can’t deny that it takes a large amount of courage to run for president, which is why we here at MustShareNews would like to wish Mdm Halimah all the best in her campaign.

Whatever your stand on her likely candidacy, we urge Singaporeans to respect her decision.

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