Halloween Horror Nights 2017 Has Zombie Laser Tag & 5 Haunted Houses


Halloween Horror Nights 2017 returns for its 7th year

When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth.

Thrill-seekers take note. As October draws closer, be prepared for your hearts to race as demons and spirits look to rise once again from the lower realms to pay the living a visit.

As part of the ghostly celebrations*, Singapore’s most anticipated Halloween event, Halloween Horror Nights makes its annual return to Universal Studios Singapore.

*Not to be confused with the Hungry Ghost Festival.


Back for the 7th year running, this year’s event will be themed after 7 new “deadlier” sins of modern society: Cruelty, Deception, Malice, Manipulation, Narcissism, Perversion and Obsession.

As with previous years, HHN will feature haunted houses, scare zones, and even a laser tag segment!

Scare Yourself Silly In Haunted Houses

A staple of Halloween Horror Nights is their signature haunted houses. This year, five haunted houses have been prepared to make your stay a chilling one.

If you enjoyed previous carnations such as the Old Changi Hospital or the Haunted MRT, you’re sure to be thrilled as this year looks to be one of the darkest editions of its kind. Boasting a highly cinematic feel, houses this year will make you feel as if you’ve stumbled into your own horror movie.

Headlining this time round is the Death Mall (representing the sin Malice), which saw a freak accident on the opening day due to ignored safety procedures leading to the deaths of over 500 victims. Vengeful spirits now roam the lanes as a result, looking for justice and seeking revenge on the owner.


The sales are to die for.

The other houses include:

  • Hex (Manipulation)

Where those with weak minds and feeble hearts will be manipulated by the Midnight Man — witch doctor and shaman in the realm of black magic.


  • Make the Cut (Narcissism)

Where you can witness the lengths fans go to to achieve fame and be the next star in Gore-Pop.

  • Terrorcotta (Cruelty)

As you witness Empress Qing, a ruler in ancient China as she looks to become to most powerful with her army of terrorcotta soldiers.

  • Inside the Mind (Obsession)

As you look to escape the mental prison and forces of evil with your mind unscathed.


Are you strong enough to survive the psyche of Obsession or will you be manipulated by the black magic of the Midnight Man?

Travel Through Scare Zones

If you think you’ve time to catch your breath once you’ve braved through the haunted houses, you’re dead wrong. In order to access the entirety of USS (and the remaining houses), you’re required to travel through two separate scare zones.

Designed as transitioning outdoor areas in between attractions, those wishing to take a short break and calm their nerves whilst still remaining immersed in the atmosphere would enjoy these street experiences.

Prefer holidays such as Easter instead? Enter Happy Horror Days (Perversion) and watch as your favourite holidays go completely wrong.


Be sure to watch out for the Easter bunny and Humpty Dumpty whilst you’re there.

Alternatively, you can take a trip through the Pilgrimage of Sin to witness fanatics come and pay penance and seek absolution.


If you’re guilty on any of the following, I’d be afraid. Very afraid.

Immerse Yourself In Live Performances

Still not terrified? Head down to the Hollywood portion of the park where you’ll witness death defying stunts by international acts and the album launch performance by pop trio Slit Face Girls in the following live shows:

  • Laboratorium (Deception)
  • Slice of Life Tour (Narcissism)

Be warned as they could end up in a bloody affair.

Laser tag in USS


This year, the highlight is bound to be the laser tag experience. Teams of four have to defend themselves against hordes of zombies and make their way out. To make things even trickier, one member in the team will have to wear a headband with ~brainwave technology~, which will come in handy in solving clues to unlock doors for escape. Like an escape room that comes with zombies, this is will require cool heads in times of zombie apocalypse.

The laser tag experience costs an additional $38 per person, and we expect the limited slots to fill up quickly. So remember to register and reserve your session soon!

Get Your Tickets Now

If you’re still not hyped up for the event, check out the trailer below.

Think you’re brave enough to handle being chased by flesh-eating zombies?

Get your tickets now online or at USS ticket booths at $68. Alternatively, early birds can enjoy them at $55 each or purchase three tickets and enjoy one free. This promotions runs till 5 Sep (Tue).

Halloween Horror Nights 7 runs on 14 selected nights from 29 Sep – 29 Oct 2017, from 7:30pm.


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