Han Hui Ying Covers Bruno Mars On YouTube, Posts Selfies And Dreams Of A Singaporean Boyfriend

Han Hui Hui — does this name ring a bell?

Yeah, that blogger who famously led the #ReturnOurCPF demonstration in Hong Lim Park.

And ran for Radin Mas Single member constituency (SMC).

Then watch this video next.

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🎶 All of this time I can't believe I couldn't see 🙈 Kept in the dark but you were there in front of me 😱 I've been sleeping a thousand years it seems got to open my eyes to everything 👀 without a thought, without a voice, without a soul… don't let me die here 🎶 Today is one year after the damsel disappeared on 21 March 2017 and people are commenting that the devils are gonna kill her on 27 March 2018 😰 In 2013, the devils stopped the damsel from posting online. She came back, and her online postings became more viral than ever. In 2014, the devils stopped the damsel from meeting people. She came back, and her meeting became more spontaneous than ever. In 2015, the devils stopped the damsel from speaking alone. She came back, and her videos became more viral than ever. In 2016, the devils stopped the damsel from standing again. She came back, and her standing again became more newsworthy than ever. In 2017, the devils stopped the damsel from going overseas. She came back, and her overseas trips became more large-scale than ever. In 2018, what are the devils gonna do to the damsel?

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Hey, they look pretty similar. Are they sisters?

Well, surprise surprise — they might actually be the same person.


Who is she?


Han Hui Ying has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages that are frequently updated with lifestyle posts.

Our theory is that she is Han Hui Hui’s alter ego.


What proof do you have?

Well, one thing’s for sure: Han Hui Hui acknowledged the existence of Han Hui Ying (@huiiying99) today on Instagram Stories (27 Mar).


On Han Hui Hui’s official Facebook page, she writes about a text she received about the changed date for her session with the Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods.

The phone number used to contact her was not blurred out in the original post.


On Han Hui Ying’s Instagram, the latest post is a message from the owner of the mobile number, requesting for her number to be blurred out.


Which confirms that the two social media pages belong to the same person.

Still not convinced?

Get this: Han Hui Ying constantly writes about her annoyance at being recognised in public.

On Hui Ying’s page, she recounts how people started chattering and murmuring when her name was called out during typical flight boarding procedures.


Such a reaction is only evoked when people recognise the name, right?

And would a name like Han Hui Ying spark such a reaction? Not really.

Perhaps Han Hui Hui would.

You put two and two together.


Getting to know Han Hui Ying

1. She’s single and ready to mingle

She has a crippling obsession with finding a Singaporean guy as her soulmate.



Any guys here into cute girls who do political rallies?

Quickly put a ring on HHY.


2. She’s basically touring the world

Go around the world in 80 seconds? That’s not impossible. Simply scroll through HHY’s Instagram feed.

“Last week: Yangon. This week: Yogyakarta. Next week: Johannesburg.”

Be careful not to confuse your potential politician for a travel blogger.

3. She produced her own webseries

The drama centres around the story of a helpless woman being the target of pedophiles — we aren’t sure if she’s alluding to herself in third person.

Well, all 12 episodes of The Damsel are available on YouTube. A prize goes to whoever can make some sense out of them.

Remember to put your headphones on. You might experience ASMR.

4. She enjoys music, unabashedly

Never be ashamed to jam out to your favourite mainstream pop hits like HHY does.

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🎶I'm onto you, yeah you… I'm not your number one 😶 I saw you, with her kissing and having fun🎶 But nothing compared to how the devils are into the damsel 😎 So how did the devils hacked into the damsel’s devices? And how did they tap her calls, intercept her emails, read her messages etc? Well, the damsel’s country made 1. Purchase of Deep packet inspection, fibre taps / probes technology from UK 2. Purchase of Hacking Team from Italy via IDA 3. Purchase of Blue Cost from USA 4. Purchase of BAE Systems from Denmark 5. Purchase of EXFO from Finland Want more? Gamma International and FinFisher from Germany etc… The devils said “there is a need to prioritise and optimise resources, such as investing in new technologies to overcome the country’s constraints. Such technologies include unmanned surveillance towers, unmanned surface vessels and drones to perform runway damage assessments.” Oh damsel, is it not enough for them to scrutinise all your social media accounts and type transcript of your YouTube videos? Why must they send you so many letters, emails, PDFs etc to install malware and infect your devices? They have openly declared that there will be many cameras on you when you return back to your country… and the media etc will as usual quote you out of context to make the public hate on you, please be strong…

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Political nominee in the streets, K-pop starlet in the sheets.

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🎶 let me see how you gonna treat me 😏 aint no easy 😉 think about it twice 🎶 Ain’t no easy hahahahahax… we Singaporeans are very easy people 😎 I saw people defending the increase of GST from 7% to 9% that was announced by #MOFsg during #SGbudget and there were people saying that it’s to curb inflation 😂 you mean there was no inflation the past few years? Singapore government said: “GST is the one that will give you, over the long term, a sustained revenue of sufficient amount that will take care of our expenditure needs, for healthcare, infrastructure, security” 🙄 Healthcare? Singapore is the only country in the world where the government earns from public healthcare as the #medishieldlife premiums collected is more than the claims every single year, do you know there’s also a CPF Basic Healthcare Sum of $54,500 on top of the CPF full retirement sum of $171,000, how many Singaporeans have $225,500 in their CPF account as of 2018? Infrastructure? Singapore is the only country in the world where the government does things like merging public transport companies in order to have a monopoly, have fare hikes yet not having adequate maintenance etc… with the latest report stating a 50.3% rise in net earnings to $47.1 million for the year ended Dec 31, 2017 because of the growth in revenue to $1.2billion, which is the fare hike that we’re experiencing? Security? Singapore is the only country in the world where the government has the internal security act that allows them to legally stalk its own citizens in the name of security, we allowed bomb maker Mas Selamat to escape from prison, we allowed robber David James Roach to escape canning, but if a girl born after 1990 tries to go overseas… we’ll make sure she’s deported back even though she did no wrong? NO wealth tax 🤔 the Singapore government said: “There are only so many handbags you can buy, only so many watches you can buy, only so many people who can afford those.” By the way, in 2017 “The surplus was more than expected, about S$9.6 billion in total” 😑 A one time $100 to $300 for a 9% GST, and you believe they really care about you?

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She makes covers on YouTube too, if you always prefer to #SupportLocal.

Her posts are entertaining…

HHY once pretended to take a selfie just to catch a couple PDA-ing in the background.


…but sometimes it gets strange.

Look at this blog post.

Yes, you read that headline right. N-A-K-E-D.

Although, she’s possibly referring to missing being on vacation overseas.

Oddly suggestive, don’t you think? Wouldn’t have expected this from one of the founders of the #ReturnOurCPF campaign.

She also frequently posts diary entries — always referring to herself in third person.

We think she has a very artistic way of expressing her feelings.

But you do you, Han Hui Hui Ying, you do you.

A mystery that remains unsolved

Glasses off, Han Hui Ying on?

Alter ego or split personality, we still aren’t exactly sure why she has two separate online personas.


But being Han Hui Hui isn’t easy. Imagine constantly being hounded by reporters and noticing people slyly taking pictures of your daily routine.

Perhaps she just needed a break from real life.

Forget the #ReturnOurCPF videos, we may be seeing more K-pop dance covers instead.

Featured image from Han Hui Hui and Han Hui Ying.