Racism On HardwareZone

Well-known forum HardwareZone is a site many Singaporeans use and can relate to – but perhaps they should keep a closer eye on what some of its members are posting.

A thread that discusses an incident where Kiss 92 FM DJs made racist remarks on-air has itself turned into a racist free-for-all, with posters freely making remarks that are worse than anything that the Kiss 92 FM DJs ever said.

Racist Comments

A sample of the comments made in the thread are so stomach-churning that we wonder why it hasn’t been shut down yet:
hardwarezone forum racismhardwarezone forum racismhardwarezone forum racism hardwarezone forum racismhardwarezone forum racism

About The Forum

HardwareZone markets itself as an IT portal, but all sorts of discussions take place in its forum.

It’s a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), so it undoubtedly has the resources to moderate its forum comments.

Lack Of Moderation

Which is why it’s so surprising that such comments have been allowed to stay on the forum for hours – it’s likely that whoever is responsible for the website is unaware of such sensitivities.

Which is just as surprising considering anyone in Singapore with half a brain should be aware of the racial and cultural sensitivities in this country.

Or maybe having half a brain is too much to ask from some people who think comments like this are okay:

hardwarezone racismhardwarezone racismhardwarezone forum racism hardwarezone forum racismhardwarezone forum racismhardwarezone forum racismhardwarezone forum racismhardwarezone forum racism


Ultimately, the issue here is one of ignorance.

Ignorance and privilege on the part of the commenters, who clearly don’t know why such comments would offend somebody who is not of their own race, and are unaware of the privilege that comes with being a majority group in Singapore. They should put themselves in the shoes of the people they are talking about.

Ignorance also on the part of those running the site as well, who may not realise the severity of the comments that have been left undeleted.

And this ignorance may come from living in a bubble where everyone you talk to has the same culture, values, language and opinions as you do.

No Apologies

Negative public opinion means one of the Kiss 92 FM DJs has apologised.

However, these commenters on HardwareZone may be allowed to make such remarks safe behind the anonymity of their computers, without any need to apologise for what they said.

Creating Divisions

It’s astounding that such comments can be found on a local public platform like Hardwarezone; it could potentially draw a divide among the people that are striving for a more inclusive society.

Singapore’s multiracial harmony did not come easily, and it’s still a fragile state of affairs. It would be truly tragic if we forget what our forefathers have done to create such harmony and it comes crumbling down.

Singaporeans need to interact with people who are not like them – something easy because they could live just next door to us. And in doing so, they can then be more sensitive towards the practices and beliefs of our minority groups. Only then will such disrespectful views be shut down, period.

Featured image from HardwareZone