This house is the kind that parents threaten their kids to lock them in

If you have a fear of cockroaches, we suggest you close your browser now.

A video which went ultra-viral features a load of cockroaches who’d just escaped a really, really unclean flat in Eunos Crescent:

Inconsiderate neighbour at blk 19 eunos crescent #06-2937.. Look at what my family have to put up with!!!! Bloody cockcroaches!!!

Posted by Nur’Ashikin Fazlan Zainol on Monday, 27 April 2015

See these on the floor? They are dead cockroaches.


These cockroaches made their escape after National Environment Agency (NEA) people came over to spray mosquitos.

Here are more pictures to bug you:







Not a cockroach breeder

In case you were wondering about whether the owner is a cockroach breeder — he’s not. According to the video taker Nur’Ashikin Fazlan Zainol, the owner’s wife is a hoarder and that is the root cause of the rampant uncleanliness of the flat.

She claims that the couple are ‘abled anti-social’ in response to commenters who were wondering if the owner was disabled or unable to clean the flat.



She also wasn’t expecting the video to go viral, although way more people know about the 20-year problem now and something should hopefully be done soon.



If HDB can’t do something, we may be forced to take the next step:



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Featured image via Nur’Ashikin Fazlan Zainol
With references from Nur’Ashikin Fazlan Zainol