Open Kitchen Concepts For HDB Flats

For couples fond of open kitchen concepts in their Built-To-Order (BTO) flats, boy do we have good news for you.

HDB has announced that all new BTO flats from Feb 2018, will have open kitchens as a standard if the layout permits.

Since there’s no need to hack down the pre-installed wall between your dream kitchen and living room, what’ll you do with the leftover savings?


Maybe it’s time to splurge on renovations to achieve Pinterest-worthy open concept kitchens.

To help you along with that, we’ve compiled 10 of the most gorgeous HDB open concept kitchens to help you achieve BTO goals with your partners.

1. The Industrial Kitchen by Proj. B Studio


This industrial-themed kitchen comes complete with a counter and bar stools — perfect for hosting friends during a nice Friday wind-down.

A 3-room HDB flat at Queen Street

Not only is the kitchen an open concept, the whole HDB flat looks like a spacious studio apartment, albeit with an industrial flair.

2. Minimalistic Kitchen by Design Channel

A 5-Room HDB flat’s counter top kitchen

A clutter-free design immediately creates good vibes in your kitchen.

Minimalists know that less is more, and an elegant design like this, helps to freshen up the interior of the kitchen. You’ll also be able to avoid situations where you’re left wondering, “Where did I place my [insert utensil here]?”

3. A Modern Classic by White Space Living

A HDB flat located at Ang Mo Kio

We think this design’s modern take on luxurious classics – with exquisite lighting, wood paneling and ceramic tiles – help to add an artistic dimension to this bespoke kitchen space.

4. Marbled Maisonette by Mint Studio


At first glance, this maisonette doesn’t look like a HDB flat at all. Most people will probably believe that it’s landed property.

We especially love the marbled kitchen counter, which maximises the living room and kitchen space, elegantly and efficiently.

5. Cafe Vibes by Third Avenue Studio

A HDB flat at Tampines Ave 5

Combining your dining and kitchen areas is a great way to ‘extend’ the limited space that most HDB flats have.

This particular kitchen and dining room also comes with its very own serving cart.

Coffee, tea or me?

6. A Brick Wall by Voila


Some HDB flats have kitchens that are tucked away at the corner of the home.

However, by splitting up the kitchen and extending it into the dining room, you still can get that open-concept look.

A flat at 274A Punggol Place

By the way, these two pictures are of the same house.

7. Private Bar Top by The Association


If you frequent Starbucks and wanna Grande-up your home’s kitchen to be like your very own private cafe or bar, this may be inspiration for you.

The white-tiled wall, with bar-like counter tops create a smooth ambiance for you to host guests for nights on end.

We don’t mean that Grande though

8. iKitchen by Linear Space Concepts


For fans of Apple and Macbook products, you’ll recognise their signature classy white aesthetic in this iKitchen.

They’ve also maximised storage space by doubling up counters as a drawers and cabinets. Yet another thing to consider to zhng up your open concept kitchen space.

9. Through The Looking Glass by Green & Lush


For those who aren’t too keen of open concept kitchens due to unwanted cooking smells lingering in the house, consider installing glass doors and partitions.

A HDB flat at Ping Yi Gardens

Just like this case, the illusion of an open concept kitchen still remains, without having to let the “cooking smell” cling on to your furnishings and fabrics.

A win-win solution!

Every homeowner’s creative canvas

Of course, how you choose to design your new house is entirely up to you. After all, it’s the people you live with, that truly transform your house into a home.

But HDB’s move to pay heed to modern trends for young homeowners is notable — since modern design concepts such as open kitchens are now officially the standard.

We at MustShareNews hope you’ll be able be able to design your dream BTO flat and kitchen, to make many happy memories in with your loved ones.

Featured image from Qanvast and Proj. B Studio.