Talented youth athletes to benefit from new sports institute

Singapore’s sporting youth talents are set to receive a boost in their budding careers with the opening of the National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI) in Jan 2016.

The NYSI will be located at the Singapore Sports School’s (SSP) Woodlands campus and have a total of 40 staff members led by former Singapore Sailing Federation chief executive Tan Wearn Haw.


So, how will this institute help our youth athletes?

Helping develop local youth athletes

For a start, young athletes will be exposed to technology which aims to develop their sporting potential to the maximum. This is one of a number of ways that NSYI has planned to help develop our country’s brightest sporting talents.

Thus, a softball player might learn about the bio-mechanics of a swing, for example.

In addition, NYSI offers a number of services as it aims to develop the nation’s top sporting youth talent to its fullest potential.

These services include sports science, sports medicine, specialised services and support, and training coaching.

Youth athletes will also be able to receive professional assistance with their athletic career and education while centralised training will be made easier by NYSI, for national age-group teams and Singapore School Sports teams.

Another initiative which is at the heart of the institute will be talent identification and development. Athletes will have their progress monitored by a system to ensure a smooth transition from from youth to senior level.

Furthermore, a youth coaching division in the institute will be collaborating with Ministry of Education (MOE) and national sports associations — to assist in developing curriculum for youth coach certification and professional development programmes.



A step in the right direction

The NYSI initiative represents a step in the right direction for the sports scene in Singapore.

The institute allows Singapore to have a wider pool of the best youth athletes not just from SSP but also from mainstream local schools around the island.

NYSI’s state of the art features ensures that our athletes have an edge when it comes to major competitions. For example, sports science provides the athletes with more options and information on perfecting their sport rather than just relying on their coaches.

Other than developing our athlete’s talent, the guidance the institute gives to these youth athletes is crucial, allowing them to stay on the right track and not deviate from their sporting goals.

These are just some characteristics of NYSI that can convince youths to pursue a sporting career as they know that their sporting potential can be developed to the fullest in Singapore.

The future is definitely bright for our young athletes and the nation can hope for more sporting glory in the future.

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With reference from Today Online
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