You’ll need skills and extensive Singlish vocabulary to nail the competition

If you haven’t heard about Hood Champions, it is about time you did.

Hood Champions is a Singlish charades competition whereby participants from the same districts — like Jurong or Bukit Timah — compete against teams from other neighbourhoods.

The winner also walked away with a whopping $3000!

You may think that the competition is but a simple game but to our surprise, it can get quite intense.

Here’s how the competition works:

Here is how the contestants prepared for the competition

The team behind Hood Champions came up with a little guide to help the participants get started!

Notice how enthusiastic the host is?

Your partner might be on the verge of strangling you if you’re not familiar with your Singlish phrases.

Or you’ll run out of time if you spend too much time guessing a pronoun:

We’ve also learnt something from this Singlish charades competition — now we know we can use “merlion” as a verb too!

This team from Punggol West came so close to guessing the sentence…

The winner of the Hood Champions Charades Competition

And the winner is from Team Choa Chu Kang, two former primary school classmates who reunited thanks to this competition.

Who knew long lost childhood friends could have such great chemistry?

Watching the contestants battle it out really puts us on the edge of our seats — sometimes we get so frustrated when the word is at the tip of their tongue but they can’t seem to get it out!

This competition celebrates our unique colloquial language, a concoction of different words from different languages combined.

Here’s to celebrating the quirky side of Singapore!


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Featured image via Hood Champions