The Hong Kong Students Protesting For Amos Yee’s Release Need To Take A Chill Pill


We explain why Scholarism is overreacting on their Facebook page

Yesterday (30 June), about 50 University students in Hong Kong rallied outside the Singapore consulate in Hong Kong to hold up these signs:

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Waaaaaaait, isn’t Tuesday a school day?

Among the students who had nothing better to do on a supposed school day were some members from a Hong Kong student activist group named Scholarism.

Curious about what exactly fills them with such passion to possibly pon school to protest for Amos Yee’s release, we did a little stalking on Facebook:

Whether these kids get into trouble for ponning lectures or not, we hope they’ll at least spend some time rethinking what they’re protesting against, because man, the only thing we’re getting from them this is:

We have no legit reason to be angry, but deal with it.

A calm demonstration, but a riot of words

Strangely, this is how the young punks looked like ‘protesting’ outside the Singapore consulate yesterday:

That’s gotta be one of the most organised protests I’ve ever seen. Their rows are so straight, even the military would be proud.

But the true protest lies in their fiery words:

“In view of such inhumane torture of a mere 17-year-old, Scholarism puts forth that the Singaporean government is, obviously, imposing psychological abuse and violating the human rights of Yee.”

“Today, we see a young person, like us, voicing against the elite in society, under such unbearable pain and outrageous infringement of rights.”

“Scholarism expresses great anger and condemns the Singaporean government for such barbarous acts.”

The last time we checked, our government graduated from being ‘barbarous’ a long time ago.

We wonder what hard evidence Scholarism got their hands on to use such loaded words in describing the way Amos is being treated in remand.

Was the credibility of Amos’ Facebook posts studied word-for-word?

Was the same done for his mother’s Facebook page?

Did they take a field trip to his prison cell?

They shouldn’t be leaving the classroom to go anywhere until they’ve graduated from the class of ‘How to Write a Proper Argument’.

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