Get a glimpse of them in person if you can!

Yes, Nicole Seah may not be running this year. But we’re happy — so happy — that several babes and hunks have stepped up to fill the void after her absence.

In fact, we’re so happy that we’ve made a list of the hottest — and we do mean that in every sense of the word — babes and hunks of the 2015 General Elections. Good luck spotting them in your constituencies!


1. He Ting Ru, 32 years old (WP, Marine Parade GRC)



He Ting Ru is a new Workers’ Party candidate running against Goh Chok Tong’s Marine Parade GRC team, but she’s already attracted plenty of media attention with her “geeky” smile and humble attitude. She currently holds the position of Secretary in the Workers’ Party Youth Wing.

Is she the ‘hammer to your nail’?

2. Tin Pei Ling, 31 (PAP, Macpherson SMC)



Tin Pei Ling might have received the worst public backlash a first-timer could ever receive in GE2011, but she’s fought back and has presented herself better than ever this election.

She gave birth to her first child just last month and is already hot on the campaign trail. Jia you, TPL!

3. Cheryl Denise Loh, 32 (WP, Nee Soon GRC)



Another fresh face on the WP slate, Cheryl Denise Loh is currently sales consultant of a global services company. She’s just 32 and has already made impressions on the Nee Soon voters, where she’s contesting.

Also, she’s single.

4. Cheryl Chan, 39 (PAP, Fengshan SMC)



From Cheryl to Cheryl.

Cheryl Chan is a new PAP candidate and becomes the first new PAP candidate to be fielded in an SMC in almost 30 years. She is a senior executive at a multinational gas and oil company, and has been a long-time grassroots volunteer.

5. Sun Xueling, 36 (PAP, Pasir-Ris Punggol GRC)



Sun Xueling has been active in grassroots work since 2001, and holds a Master of Science from the London School of Economics. The investment banker with Temasek Holdings enjoys reading and swimming.

6. Cheng Li Hui, 37 (PAP, Tampines GRC)



As a young Girl Guide, Cheng Li Hui learnt that ‘giving without expectation of return is a joy’. She’s carried that spirit into her adult life and says that ‘helping people has been an integral part of her life for more than a decade.’

7. Kevryn Lim, 27 (NSP, Sembawang GRC)



Of course, no list would be complete without Kevryn, the ‘light to our lamp post.’ Sorry Ting Ru and TPL, but if there was a title of ‘Hottest Babe of GE2015’, Kevryn is the winner.

8. Han Hui Hui, 23 (Independent, Radin Mas SMC)



Yes, while not everyone might classify her as a ‘babe’, she’s certainly not too bad-looking herself. Right?

And please lah. Heckling people at a rally is so easy to do. Just take placard and shout lah.

But Han Hui Hui’s younger than most Singaporeans, wasn’t even born in Singapore, and has the courage to speak up for what she feels is right and actually goes out every day to see people laughing and jeering her.

That bravery, courage, and conviction earns her a place in our list.


9. Baey Yam Keng, 44 (PAP, Tampines GRC)

baey yam keng2


With 10.8k followers on Instagram and a moustache reminiscent of a young Andy Lau, Mr Baey Yam Keng, from Tampines GRC, isn’t known as the ‘Selfie King’ for nothing.

10. Daniel Goh, 42 (WP, East Coast GRC)

daniel goh


The NUS Associate Professor received plenty of attention when an anonymous letter that claimed he had an affair was published. If it was meant to tarnish his reputation, it backfired completely, as netizens have united behind him and his Facebook page has gotten even more followers since.

11. Desmond Choo, 37 (PAP, Tampines GRC)



The bona fide ‘auntie-killer.’ He ran in Hougang twice and lost both times and is now running in Tampines GRC. With his looks, we think he’ll win quite a few auntie votes for the PAP.

12. Tan Chuan-Jin, 46 (PAP, Marine Parade GRC)



The ex-military man has caught on to the concept of ‘we-fies’ and civilian life quickly since leaving the army and was last seen sprinting from door to door in Marine Parade.

13. Ong Ye Kung, 45 (PAP, Sembawang GRC)



The quiet Ong Ye Kung was the only candidate from the PAP Aljunied team that lost in 2011 that remained in politics. He’s now in Sembawang and will hope to woo voters there.

14. Pritam Singh, 39 (WP, Aljunied GRC)


Pritam Singh entered Parliament on his first try in Aljunied GRC in 2011. He won over several listeners with his sharp speeches and several aunties with his broad smile. Since 2011, he’s grown a full beard of facial hair for a more macho look.

15. Darryl David, 45 (PAP, Ang Mo Kio GRC)


The former “The Pyramid Game” host is now a PAP candidate! If he was deemed photogenic enough to be a game show host, he’s obviously good enough to run with the Prime Minister in Ang Mo Kio.

16. Gerald Giam, 37 (WP)


The Anglo-Chinese school alumni is the face of the next generation of the Workers’ Party, leading several top candidates into East Coast once again. He’s charmed quite a few with his many speeches in Parliament as a Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP).

Unfortunately, he’s married. Move along!

17. Roy Ngerng, 34 (RP, Ang Mo Kio GRC)



Oh, Roy. Why’d you have to melt so many young girls’ hearts with your wide and earnest smile? No wonder Kenneth Jeyaretnam spoke of giving Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong nightmares when he sent Roy to contest against him in Ang Mo Kio.

Imagine poor PM Lee waking up in a cold sweat after having a bad dream of Roy being mobbed in Yio Chu Kang stadium after the Reform Party rallies by a horde of noisy fangirls, all pushing and shoving to get a photo with him and trying to get him to autograph their school notebooks and diaries.

Nightmares indeed.

Just for good measure, here’s a heart-warming photo of Roy with best friend Han Hui Hui:


Total BFFs. Source 

Tampines GRC basically wins

We’d just like to congratulate Tampines GRC residents. Their PAP lineup has three of the hottest faces in this election — the most of any constituency, including the ‘Selfie King’ himself. But no worries — we’re sure you’ll be able to spot a cute face or a handsome politician wherever you live.

Unless you live on Pulau Ubin.

If you thought we missed any babes or hunks in your constituency, let us know in the comments below!

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Featured image via Baey Yam Keng’s Instagram, Workers’ Party Facebook
With references from Workers’ Party website and Peoples’ Action Party website