Housewife Turns Superhero, Saves Lives Of 3 Drowning Boys At East Coast Park


Madam Silvia Hajas The “Everyday Hero”

Madam Silvia Hajas is the hero Singapore needs but doesn’t deserve. No, she isn’t Batman (or Batwoman in this case) but her recent heroics have proven to us that she isn’t just your ordinary housewife, but a superhero — and our next “Everyday Hero”.

While ordinary housewives spent their Monday (May 8) fretting over what to cook for dinner and cleaning up after their children, Mdm Hajas risked her life 3 times by plunging into the waters off East Coast Park to save 3 drowning schoolboys.



A relaxing day at East Coast Park with her 8-year-old daughter soon turned into a desperate race to save the lives of several schoolboys.

Mdm Hajas was at East Coast Park’s Area E taking a panoramic photograph of the sea view, which featured 7 boys swimming 50m away from the shoreline, reported The Straits Times.

The 47-year-old Australian housewife realised something was amiss when she witnessed 4 of the 7 boys straining to keep afloat. The other three managed to swim back to shore by themselves.

She sprung into the water without a second thought after hearing the boys cry for help.

Despite having taken part in triathlons before, the 1.7m-tall Australian still found the sea “harsh and deep” and recalled she could not touch the riverbed at the boys’ location.

Here she is at a triathlon:


According to The New Paper, Mdm Hajas revealed she was “exhausted after saving the second boy”, and advised the two remaining boys “to lie on their backs so they would float”.

A male passer-by got in on the act and the two of them saved the third boy with a life buoy.

Boy Drowns

However, to their despair, the fourth boy was nowhere in sight by then.

Sadly, the last boy was only found three hours later by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (Dart).

The boy, 12-year-old Muhammad Suhaimi Sabastian, was pronounced dead at the scene at around 3.30pm.

Mdm Hajas recounts the rescue here:

Our New Superhero

Mdm Hajas rightly deserved all the recognition and praise she received from the countless thankful netizens.



Our thoughts are with his family and friends of Muhammad Suhaimi Sabastian during this period of grief.

While she couldn’t save him, Mdm Hajas should be proud of being a bonafide Singapore superhero.

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