Mouse Hunt

Hunt the mouse! No, not that Mousehunt game on Facebook where you sound the horn every 15 minutes.

This mouse hunt has more tangible rewards – a mouth-watering $800 cash prize that will have you grinning from ear to ear.


Strike Gold

The game, organised by mobile app Sqkii, sounds too simple to be true – just find a gold coin and exchange it for an $800 reward. Anyone can do it.

The gold coin is hidden within the campus of Nanyang Technological University (NTU), and looks like this:


Although the game is open to the public, those who don’t study or work at NTU might find themselves at a disadvantage as they are not familiar with the campus.

But when $800 is at stake, we think it’s worth it to try your luck anyway if you can schlep all the way to the NTU campus in the far west.


So who are the good folks behind this hunt?hunt-mouse-ntu-sqkii


Sqkii is a mobile application that rewards you in cash for viewing sales promotions.

They want to “show the world how customers and employees should be treated” by cultivating a culture of empathy and love giving, and it seems that they’re really keeping to their word – and boosting sales too, of course.

Help For The Clueless

Hints are given out via the company’s Facebook page to make the hunt more interesting.

hunt the mouse sqkii


Aren’t we just green with envy when hearing that someone has already found a magic coin.


What Are You Waiting For?


Gather your friends and family, the search is on!

Featured Image from Facebook