About Koh Heer Ee’s Exemption From Final Exams

Ah, to be a stressed out student in Singapore. Last month, Koh Heer Ee received a letter from Hwa Chong Institution, which exempted him from 7 of his final exams—yes, you read that right. This letter soon made its rounds on the internet and received over 2,000 retweets. Koh even earned the title of #heergod from the Twitter community, as many wondered who could achieve such an impressive feat.

Here’s the tweet that made history:

How #Heergod Succeeded

For the uninitiated, Hwa Chong students are exempted from final exams if they get “A1s for all term tests and [have]  a “good work attitude” as deemed by [their]  subject teachers.” This means #Heergod is very zai when it comes to his studies—he has performed so consistently that there is no need to test him at all.

In short, Koh is every teacher’s dream and every student’s envy, and it looks like he’s a pretty down-to-earth guy as well.

The student council followed up on this story and presented this video—it turns out that some of the students have started “worshipping” him to get good grades.

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Koh Heer Ee’s Key To Doing Well


In Singapore, students’ year-end results often determine their next stage in education, and many fear getting held back or dropping out, which explains why Koh’s tips seem like gems from heaven. However, he also shows us that the education system is not about smarts, but rather, discipline and knowing when to ask for help. Koh knows how to beat the system, but not everyone does—those who don’t may get left behind, even if they are intelligent.

Through this video, we are able to see the flaws in our education system—there should be less emphasis on grades and rote learning, and evaluations should be based on the eagerness for knowledge and independent thinking. Until we come up with a better way of evaluating students, it looks like exams are here to stay, and students like Koh will always be at the top.

At least he is getting recognised for his hard work—some people with straight As can never catch a break.

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