Return Of The Wings

Typically for Singapore, the most famous product from a household and furniture store isn’t furniture, but chicken wings. When Ikea Singapore announced in May that it would stop selling its much-loved chicken wings due to customer feedback over the drop in quality, fans would be forgiven for feeling dismayed.

After all, they where the top-selling food product in Ikea’s always-packed restaurants.

Well, it wasn’t that long a wait — after just a bit more than a month, the chicken wings are flying back to our shores, and they will be selling for just $1 for a limited time!


Winging It

Ikea made the long-awaited announcement on its Facebook page on Monday (July 3), adding that the $1 offer will be available for dine-in customers at the furniture giant’s Tampines and Alexandra outlets till July 7.

However, customers are limited to a maximum of 2 plates of 6 wings each per individual, presumably to prevent gluttons from inhaling the whole stock.

The wings will also be coming soon to the halal line at the Tampines outlet.


Declining Quality

While the famed chicken wings at Ikea have always been a crowd favourite, they had been criticised the past few months as diners slammed its deteriorating quality

Some claimed that the wings had become “cold and hard”, and the declining customer satisfaction led to them being recalled in May, with the store promising in a Facebook post to commit to improving the quality of its wings.

MustShareNews understands that the quality of the chicken wings had dipped due to a change in supplier.

Well, that’s now in the past — Ikea Singapore now boasts a brand “new original recipe” (erm, KFC much?), claiming that the wings will be “More tender. More juicy”. 


Listening To Feedback

We think it’s great that Ikea actually listened to customer feedback and did something about the quality of the wings.

As they have become an adored Singapore food icon by now (yes, a Swedish furniture company churning out chicken wings is now food icon in Singapore, who would have thought?), it would have been a shame if nothing was done about the declining quality.

The only negative thing about this is we’ll probably have to contend with much longer queues at Ikea’s restaurants now that people will be flocking there to try out the new wings.


We haven’t tried the new and improved wings yet, but those who have, what do you think?

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