IKEA’s Ad Pays Tribute To Stanley Kubrick

IKEA Singapore gets into the Halloween spirit and gives us a treat with a spoof of one of the most famous and creepiest scenes in cinematic history—anyone familiar with The Shining?

Just like their recent bookbook ad, this commercial has transformed into a viral hit.

Paying homage to Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror classic, this parody re-imagines the iconic creepy hallway scene but this time a little boy is riding his tricycle through a dark IKEA store at night. The Swedish furniture store turns into an eerie haunted house with flickering lamps, ghostly figures in the kitchen, curtains wafting freely and even the word “REDRUG” scrawled on a wall.

The boy is suddenly stopped by a pair of creepy twins dressed in identical blue dresses. “Come pay with us Danny, come pay with us.”

We’re not spoiling it for you, but the ad does have a humorous twist.

Watch the creepy scene from the original movie—if you dare.

This Is How We Should Advertise

Both the bookbook and Halloween advertisements were created with the help of ad agency BBH Singapore. It is a far cry from the shame-worthy Singapore Tourism Board (STB) advertisement that went viral for all the wrong reasons early this year.

Ads like this prove that we can step outside the box and be creative with our ideas. The video’s creators paid great attention detail when working on the project, which scored well with the viewers. And if that’s not enough, they launched a social media contest so that viewers who spotted movie references stand to win prizes because engagement matters.

Meanwhile, cine-IKEA’s advertisement are as smooth as the child actor’s tricycle driving skills.

With reference to Reddit, mUmBRELLA
Images via IKEA Singapore