LKY is as revered as a god in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu

If Lee Wei Ling was surprised at the massive outpouring of grief from Singaporeans, we wonder if she would be similarly, or even more, surprised at what this Indian state is doing for Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

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Enter baby Lee Kuan Yew

A bus driver who works in Tamil Nadu, Mr B. Jeyaprakash, has named his baby boy after Singapore’s first Prime Minister. Although he had never heard of LKY before the latter’s death, the “outpouring of grief” touched him so much that he just had to name his kid LKY. The baby was born on the very day that Lee died.

In the town of Mannargudi (which is in Tamil Nadu), placards of the late Lee were put up all across town. 300 citizens silently marched for 4km, and stopped to bow and pray at a photo of LKY.

“So I put Sir’s name in the hope that my son will do very well in life.”

Unfortunately, Mr Jeyaprakash’s mother is unable to pronounce her grandson’s name, so she plans to either just call him “thambi” (meaning “son” in Tamil) or “Mr Lee”, which was her son’s suggestion.

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Statue and museum in the works too

Tamil Nadu has strong cultural and economic ties to Singapore. These strong connections were probably what prompted the soon-to-start construction of a large brass statue of LKY, along with a memorial hall and museum.

The brass statue is expected to cost more than SGD$50,000 and the museum $218,000. Mr Jeyaprakash, the father of baby Jeyaprakash Lee Kuan Yew, will be donating 10,000 rupees (SGD $220), nearly his entire month’s salary of 12,000 rupees to the construction of the museum.

In towns within Tamil Nadu, villagers who have seen their lives improve tremendously credit Lee Kuan Yew for the positive changes. Using money sent back by their family members who work in Singapore, they now enjoy two-storey houses, TV sets and laptops. Oh, and they also use Axe Brand medicated oil imported from Singapore.

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“We compare him to God, not as a political leader.”

What do you think? Is the LKY fever too ridiculous?

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