Now This Vietnamese Man Will Get An iPhone

Earlier today, we were shocked at how a Vietnamese man got down on his knees to beg a scammy Sim Lim shop owner for an iPhone that he had purchased.

It looks like a good Samaritan is looking out for him as he has started and successfully raised an Indiegogo campaign to pay for the phone, shipping and all. Check it out:

6th Nov 2300 Update: Over $7,000+ SGD has now been raised.

At press time, he has raised a total of $2,000. It looks like more is coming in.

Here’s what the kind Singaporean had to say about his gesture:

“We need to raise at least USD$1,000, but hopefully we would raise a bit more to cover express shipping and pay for a goodie bag to help alleviate their suffering. But if we do fall short, I will personally cover the rest.”

Kudos To This Guy

The man, known as Gabriel, said that he started the campaign because he read the story and gives a d***. It appears that he wants to make things right for this victim of an injustice.

The Vietnamese tourist has since flown back, and Gabriel is taking into account expenses for express shipping as well as a bunch of other goodies to make him feel better. We certainly hope this will at least make up for his suffering.

Singaporeans Aren’t So Mean After All

While many Singaporeans can be pretty xenophobic, Gabriel shows that this isn’t the case—there are, in fact, a lot of Singaporeans who will help a fellow man in need. This is an awesome initiative and proves that we can be generous, kind, and welcoming—hopefully, there will be more fund-raising campaigns that will help other needy people as well.

With reference to Indiegogo
Featured image via Indiegogo