Indranee Rajah writes wordy Facebook post about tea bag litterer

Tanjong Pagar MP Indranee Rajah has discovered a new tree species in Bukit Merah View.

However, the species is completely man-made. This startling discovery was detailed in a Facebook post by the MP, who expressed shock at a certain litterbug’s propensity to throw his tea bags out the window.

These tea bags would land on a tree when thrown out, leading Ms. Indranee to dub the tree the “Tea Bag Tree of Bukit Merah View”.

Her post is really lengthy, so we’ll just highlight interesting stuff.

1. She has a flair for writing

Some of her analogies are pretty fanciful, to say the least.

“The challenge, you can see, is rather like trying to find Paddington Bear by following a trail of marmalade jars.”

“It was like a Christmas tree except that instead of pretty ornaments, this poor tree was festooned with used Dilmah tea bags!”

“The tree has since been de-bagged. The culprit, though, has yet to be bagged.”

2. The tea bags are Dilmah-branded

Yes, this is an extremely important clue. If she were a detective (or read enough Nancy Drew in her youth), she would know that!

3. The culprit is difficult to pinpoint

All she really knows is that the culprit stays in a certain block and enforcement is thus difficult. There is no way to install surveillance cameras because of its location (on the edge of a steep slope that leads down to the road).

4. Singaporeans need to learn to take care of their estate

As she notes, “The real measure of cleanliness ought not to be how often or quickly litter is cleaned up; it should be how much litter there is to begin with – which goes back to how each one of us regards and takes care of our estate.”

She also notes that while other estates don’t have tea bag trees (congratulations, Bukit Merah View!), there are similar littering-related problems.

5. Removing tea bags is rather tedious

They have to climb a ladder, cut or untangle the strings, then remove them. One by one. Another cleaner has to be there for safety reasons.

All because some joker decided it would be fun to create a new species of tree.

Tea bag tree highlights lack of civic-mindedness, over-reliance on cleaners

A fitting punishment would be to make the culprit plant tea bags on every tree in the area, before removing them one by one. That should be a better deterrent than some fine or jail time.

Then the perpetrator should be teabagged (check for the meaning. Might be slightly NSFW).

Seriously though, we cannot expect cleaners to clean up after us all the time, and then complain when the area is dirty because we are the ones who litter the place. Everyone’s responsible for the area they live in and the tea bag tree is a good reinforcement of this. The tree might look funny now, but removing the tea bags isn’t funny business.

Anyone planning on making their own tea bag tree would do well to remember that.

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Featured image via Indranee Rajah/Indranee Rajah
With references from Indranee Rajah