Inflatable Pink Unicorn Island In Zambales, Philippines

Even though National Unicorn Day is behind us, we believe Unicorns are worth celebrating no matter the occasion.


And it looks like the Philippines agrees too — an island 2 hours away from Manila is now home to an inflatable Unicorn Island.


The island is literally everything we could hope for from a place called Unicorn Island, with soft pink hues and rainbows to aesthetically pleasing chill lounges. And that isn’t the best part.


Tickets to the island are going for as low as P499 (SGD12.60), which is a steal.

Here’s what you can look forward to on Unicorn Island, which is going viral on Facebook with close to 60k shares at the time of writing.

1. Biggest floating playground in Asia


According to the website, Unicorn Island is the biggest floating playground in all of Asia.

Spanning over 4,100 sqm, it’s the size of 8 basketball courts.

Now, that’s massive.

2. Obstacle courses on floating playgrounds


If you thought it was just an inflatable playground for children, you thought wrong.

Unicorn Island is kinda like an obstacle course you can do at your own pace.

With a mini jump and fly, super slide, and happy swing, just to name a few.


Rock climbing definitely sounds like a challenge, because we imagine that attempting to rock climb while all slippery and under the hot sun is pretty much impossible.

But hey, to each their own. You could spend hours trying to get to the top of the inflatable rock climbing wall, just to experience the sweet success of going down the slide.

3. Rainbows galore


You’ll be pleased to know that there’ll be no shortage of rainbows on Unicorn Island. If anything, expect to see them everywhere.

We wouldn’t expect anything less from Unicorn Island, duh.

The rainbows are the perfect backdrop to a sun-kissed Instagram beach day #ootd, we’d like to think.

4. Unicorns, everywhere!


Okay, fine. This one’s pretty obvious.

Get hyped because you’re going to see a multitude of Unicorns, on land and sea.


5. Chill out at the Bali Lounge

Soak up the sun on comfy beanbags in pink and purple pastel hues, as you enjoy sipping on drinks on the beach.


You don’t have to worry about not being able to find a spot as there seems to be plenty of shade available.


Perfect for that instant grammable moment.

Grab your tickets to Unicorn Island online

The cheapest ticket to Unicorn Island is P499 (S$12.60) for a one hour pass, which includes the whole day at the beach.


You’ll have to fork out P849 (S$21.40) for a whole day pass if you’re thinking of spending a full day there.

Here’s a more comprehensive breakdown of the tickets:


We recommend you book your tickets online here so that you can reserve a day and time slot while you’re at it, to avoid disappointment when you get there.

Plan your journey there ASAP

A budget-friendly trip to Unicorn Island is definitely doable, with airfare to Manila with Scoot starting from $103.

From Manila, you’ll have to make your way to Zambales, about 2 hours away.

The are a variety of ways to get there, with the easiest being by a taxi, which can easily be arranged at the airport in Manila.

Here’s two ways to get there by public transport, thanks to a very helpful guide by Unicorn0fficial:

  1. Land in Manila and head to Cubao via LRT/MRT
  2. Ride one of the buses to ‘Olongapo’
  3. Once in Olongapo, ride a jeep and ask them to drop you off at Samba Blue Water Resort


  1. Land in Manila and head to Cubao via LRT/MRT
  2. Ride a bus that heads to Iba, Zambales
  3. Ask the driver to drop you off at this address:

Subic Bay Waters, National Highway, Lower Kalaklan, Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines.

If you need more information about the resort or Unicorn Island,

  • Email them at [email protected]
  • Give them a ring at +63 0917 150 1103 or +63 0917 835 2665.


Go forth and have a magical time at Unicorn Island!

Featured image from Facebook